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They are all beautiful cats!

It is going to take time.
And it is true that time never heals the heart.
Time only helps with the intensity of the pain.
The scar will always be there.

But, time does help ease the intensity of the pain-
So, that one day you can think about your pet and laugh about his/her funny antics, instead of crying at the thought of him/her.

Time is a gift in that way.
But, the scar still remains-
I still cry whenever I hear the song
“Amazing Grace”-but now the tears also have laughter from remembering Grace’s funny times.

am sorry that you are feeling so sad..
Grieving is a process, and it is painful-
But necessary to accept your loss.
In other words, grieving just plain sucks.

And, grieving is different for everyone.
Just be patient with yourself.
It will get better.
Even though it feels like it never will.

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And it will be two years this May since Grace and Anna died.

I still have to remind myself that they are no
longer here-

Maybe I just haven’t let myself think about it-
Because it is too much.
Grace suffered her last two months because of me-
But, I just won’t let myself think that way.

I just can’t.
Maybe I am still numb-
I don’t know-
But, I will not let myself think about any of the bad experiences-
I just focus on how much we loved each other-
And that I will see her again.

And as I said before knowing that “she was free” brought me much comfort and relief.
I did not do right by Grace, and I know she only held on because she loved me so much.

We had a soul bond-
I focus on that love-
And I look forward to seeing her again...

In the meantime-
I imagine her up there—

Princess Grace in her palace sipping salmon martinis with her sister Anna as her butler.

Hey, Twister is probably sharing cocktails with Grace right now.
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