Sunday of 04/10/16 i received the worst phone call to work ever from my fiancé. To tell me my little girl was hit by a car. This is the hardest thing ive had to go through in a long time and know no way to cope with this. She was my companion for many of lonely nights whiley fiance who is a truck driver was on the road. She went every where with me and loved burger King chicken nuggets. She was so gosh darn spoiled! Always slept and cuddled with her mommy. She wasy only friend. Ive never ever imagined having to prepare myslef for this day. I keep having nightmares and cannot get the horrible image out of my mind of her lying their. Im up every hour on the hour thinking and looking for her. My house is so quiet and things just are not the same. I have no closure. Ive found sitting at her grave and talking to her like i would have done on a normal day before she was taken from me helps but i also feel its making my days harder to get passed this.
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How horrible to read this. I am so very sorry. I can't even imagine the nightmare of thinking about your little sweetie lying in the street. Ugh. Yesterday morning, my wife and I had to put our Bassett hound to sleep. It was a sudden thing and totally unexpected the previous day. I'm dying here. Like you, she was my best friend. I totally understand how they comfort us on those long, lonely nights. And when you say your house is so quiet, I can relate to that. Our house has lost its heartbeat. It seems so utterly empty. I can't stop thinking and crying too. Take care, Rusty.
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How tragic. I am so, so sorry.  I had a dog hit by a car years ago, he was only 1....it was the hardest thing.  Time will eventually start your path to healing but it is not easy.  I had another dog at the time and she was heartbroken, so much so that I got another dog sooner than I normally would have.  I rescued an abused dog....it is early to say this but, for me, it was what started to mend my broken heart.  I felt I did it for both my surviving dogs depression and for my deceased dog Woody.  I felt like he would want me to rescue a dog and in truth that rescued dog, Nadia, was probably the "dog of my life"...of course that is hard to say because we love them all so much but she really was the one who rescued me from the deep and devastating depression I was in.  I hope you don't mind my story, I just shared because I've been through similar.  Come here for support we understand.
Sue E
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I am SO sorry to hear this. I think it's always worse when it's unexpected. I can understand how you feel. We moved to a new state and I hate it and have no friends here. My Sweetie was my best friend and always made me feel happy when I came home from work. Always put a smile on my face. Last Friday I got the worst call that he had passed in his sleep after a week long illness and hundreds of dollars trying to save him. I am so hurt, lonely and feel like the pain will never go away. I know it will and will for you as well. Time heals all hurts. We'll get through this. I think the missing will always be there but hopefully the pain will subside.
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My thoughts and prayers are with you Katiebaby. Our stories are so similar that reading yours just took me back to last month. Here is my story, I hope it helps you with hope http://forums.rainbowsbridge.com/post/sudden-death-of-my-buddy-7981120?&trail=15
Hogans Daddy
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