i was in denial how sick she was, she had a bladder tumor and the cancer had spread. Tuesday night I was going to take her to the vets one last time. Her body was limp and she was dying. When I was about to put her in her carrier her hind legs kicked it away about 2ft. She died in my arms at that moment.
All I do is cry, I am so heartbroken, she was a beautiful 14yr old tiger kitty.

I hope there is a Rainbow Bridge, I can't bear the thought of never seeing her again, the seperation now is more than I can bear.
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i am so sorry about your loss. i know how tough that must be for you. i lost my 14 year old cat last friday too. i am still in shock and he was my first loss. it is difficult to lose a pet because they are so close to you and they are like  member of family. hope the time heel your pain. think of good memories with him and try to keep yourself busy.
he is in good place of pain looking down at you and thank you for giving him a  wonderful life.

take care

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So sorry that you lost your beloved cat Shawn. Sasha was my baby and best friend.
The unconditional love we recieve form our pets it's truly remarkable.,and yes Sasha is free from pain, I had no idea how truly sick she was. I had her at the vets friday then she's back in an emergency. I didn't want to let her go then, so I rescheduled an appoitment for wed. afternoon with her regular Dr...we never made it that far.

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sometimes we human can not and do not want our companions to go away so we do what it takes to keep them alive but sometimes we have to understand their pain and what they go through.
i think the most tough thing with cats are not showing any sign of pains till it is too late. that is what happened to mine. he was fine till start going to labor breathing and normally by then it is too late.

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I know exactly how you feel. The grief is awful, but do know that your pet is in no more pain and is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.

I had to put my Willy a 16 yr old cat to sleep this morning. He had heart failure and was getting worse and worse each day. His breathing was horribly labored and his entire body would blow up with each breath that he took. He must have felt like he was drowning, because his chest kept filling up with fluid.

Although I know he is no longer suffering, it still hurts me. I want my baby back with me. I want him to sleep by my head tonight like he's always done. I know in my head that I did the right thing for him. He gave me many signs that he was done with all the pain, but my heart hurts so much. I miss my buddy.

I hope you can find some peace. I know I need some myself. With the support of everyone here, I think we'll both be ok eventually.


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Yes, it is awful - probably the worst thing anyone has ever experienced, and everyone who participates here has been there.

My mother has often said that all of us would do anything possible for our pets, and despite the very special bond we have with each of them, the inability to directly speak with them prevents us from trying to identify the exact thing at the exact time.  Thus, we beat ourselves up because we cannot figure out what to do and when to do it.

I know in my heart that we will all see our sweethearts again one day, or else what would be the point of heaven?

Concentrate on the many wonderful memories that you have, and know that time will not dull them nor change your love, but that we will come to cherish even more that special bond that people who don't have pets will never experience.  Despite all of our current pain, I would not give back one minute of the wonderful life I enjoyed with our special girl, and will wait for the day when we will be reunited again.

Thoughts and prayers to all who are suffering.
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 I thought as the days go on it would get easier, day 4 the pain is going right through me.
 In my dreams I keep looking under the comforter to see if she is there, I keep her blanket on my pillow.
 I have lost beloved pets before, but this has ripped through my core.
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I am so glad this web site is here.
 People on the outside do not understand the pain we feel inside. It is a week today and I don't feel any better. I sleep with her blanket to my face and chest just so I can capture her scent.
 The other day people were saying just get another cat, ya if you lose your child or spouse just get another one.
 There are 2 kinds of people in the world, those that connect with our four legged friends on a soul level and those that don't have a clue.
 My Sasha was with me for 14yrs, she was my sanctuary. I had no idea how sick she was, I had a horrible vet, I got Sash a new one and it turned out my baby had cancer and it was too late.
 She meant the world to me, I miss her every moment of every day.
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Orange tabbies.. first one I ever fell in love with was one my mom's best friend had. He was a long-haired HUGE tabby.. not sure if he was part persian/maine coon or what.. I was completely fascinated by him.. then my sister got her cat, same type of coloring & also long-haired (& was supposedly part persian, although he didn't have the persian face). So after my hubby & got married, I insisted we get a cat.. & we did 3 months later. We wound up with, a orange/white tabby - Maine Coon.. what is it about that coloring that I love so much? I've no idea.. but the relationship I had with Rico was way more than I ever thought it would be. Your Sasha is beautiful & even though she isn't suffering now, I know its hard.. take it a day at a time dear.. & for those folks who don't understand, I think they're really missing out & perhaps afraid of allowing themselves to get attached to a furbaby.. I'd never trade the 14 years we had with our Rico even though it hurts like crazy with him gone now.. I pray you find comfort here with those of us who have all lost our furbabies..

Please visit Rico's residency:
Also, more pics of Rico can be found on my Facebook page:!/photos.php?id=1291163525
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