I lost my little girl yesterday. She had Autoimmune Hemolytic Anmeia. We tried everything to save her but she did not respond to treatment. My heart is broken and I will miss her so much. :'(

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I am so sorry for your loss. You have come to the right place to grieve. Come here often to let out your pain. All of us, that come here understand and will help you get through this.
Again, I am so sorry you are hurting,
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What a precious little girl Chloe was.  I'm glad that you know you did everything you could.  It was the same with my Scottie....we tried everything under the sun and he just didn't respond to any treatment.  It is just the saddest thing to lose these babies, they just mean the world to us and we love them with all of our heart.  There is nothing to say to make the sadness and the hurt go away but please know we understand and we are here for you.    The grief we go through feels devastating at times because we loved them so much.   You have to let it out.   Just know we understand, we have been there, and are at different stages ourselves.   My heart is with you. 

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What a sweet baby!  I am so sorry for your loss. I am happy you have found this site. I hope you find the comfort and support here that I have received from all the wonderful people who share their experience, strength and hope.

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I am so sorry you lost your lovely Chloe. Coming here has been my sanity these last 3 weeks. I know your heart is breaking and fells like it will never mend.We are here for you. I bumped two threads that really helped me when I first came here. One is Rainbow Bridge and the other is on grief. It also helped some to tell everyone about what a wonderful girl I had and to let out the emotions associated with her death. My thoughts are with you.                                                               Patty
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My prayers and thoughts are with you. You came to the right place.

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I am so sorry about your loss of Chloe.  We all know how that hurts....
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I am very sorry that you lost your dear Chloe.  She looks like a wonderful girl and I understand your pain.  Your broken heart will heal in time and your tears will slowly be replaced with wonderful bittersweet memories.  It takes time and patience.  Just know that you are not alone.
Barbara Lyngarkos
My Beloved Ted 8/7/2005 - 7/7/10
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I'm so sorry about your loss. I lost my dog Sadie to the same disease about 6 weeks after a 4-month fight. It is a terrible disease. It sounds like you gave her amazing treatment and were such a loving mom. I think in the end that is what we all hope for. My dad, who is a little GRUFF and old-fashioned, told me "it's not the quantity but the quality of life," after I lost Sadie and I know it is true. Thinking of you at this difficult time... Liz
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