I had to let go of my baby kitty Mookie yesterday. She was 12 years old and about a month ago I noticed she wasn't eating as much, was drooling and her mouth looked funny. I took her to the vet and they confirmed she had jaw cancer. It is aggressive and terrible. She lasted about a month. We fed her whatever she could or wanted to eat, but it got to the point that she couldn't eat anything without pain. The tumor in her jaw grew so big so fast it just took over. I was giving her very strong pain medication.  Then her mouth started to bleed when she tried to eat. So I spent my time with her and she had a very dignified and peaceful transition at the vets office. I held her as she went and I just cried. She was my special little girl for so long and I will miss her dearly.
Rachel S
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Hi Mookinb,

I am so so sorry you lost your girl. I too lost mine to stomach cancer on 9/7. She was 12 also.

I still don't know how to deal with it bc she was my world.

I was there holding my girl as well. Telling her I loved her and everything would be ok.

I know your pain. I am so sorry for your loss. Sending you love. Your baby was lucky to have so much love.
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Hi Rachel,
I'm so sorry about Mookie. You had her for a long time and formed such a special bond so of course you will miss her. It's understandable. I feel so bad for you because I know the pain of losing your beloved pet. I think you were very brave to hold Mookie as she passed. I'm sure that gave her a lot of peace knowing she was in her mom's arms. I hope you are doing okay! Sending hugs to you,
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So very sorry for your loss. It's so very sad to lose a special friend. I hate how sick these older pets can get and there is nothing can be done! It just breaks my heart.

All the best to you. Like people say to me, remember the good memories. I lost my dog 2 months ago and trying to think about the happy times, but I miss him terribly.

I know those tumors grow Very Fast, it's awful.

thinking of you


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