Eva was taken away from me in a matter of minutes. I called for her to come outside with me to get something from my car. While I was getting what I needed out of the car, my baby girl was struck my a car. My heart is so broken because she never goes into the street and I regret calling her to come outside with me. I have had her since she was 5wks and we had 7 amazing years together but this hurts so much. I’m hoping that when I get her ashes back I will start feeling a little better because she will be home. Accepting that my baby is gone is so hard to do. I don’t know how I’m going to make it without her. 
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So sorry to hear, i'm feeling that huge pain of grief right now too. We put our 7 year old doggy to sleep today. He had a mini stroke a few weeks ago but the last week he kept circling non stop. He was healthy besides having disorientation so it was so hard to make the decision. We booked him in to be pts and had to wait hours, then my husband broughthis peaceful body back to bury in the garden.
I've been crying non stop for about 10 hours now, the waves of sadness keep coming. 
Its dinner time now and it's hit hard.
Speaking to people is helping me, but having a 2 year old who is runnign around looking for him is making it hard.
Stay strong for your little mate 🙂
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