My little black lab of only 3 years old passed away over Thanksgiving break.  My husband and I were on our way to vacation when we got the call that our beloved dog has passed away in my husband's parent's back yard.  My in-laws were watching our 2 dogs.  They have a wonderful, large, fenced in yard, and we have left them in that backyard to play a million times.  We left that morning to travel to Tennessee, and his parents left to go to the grocery store at the same time.  An hour later, when they got home, our lab was laying there, bleeding from her nose, but did not have any attack marks on her.  Our other dog had been badly beaten.  There was a hole in the fence with 100's of chew marks around the hole.  To this day, we still do not know how our lab passed but we came to this conclusion; another dog or animal got into the yard, and while our one dog was fighting it off, our lab got in the way, and either suffocated in the struggle, or hit her head on the near by sharp rock.  I was absolutely mortified when I got the call from my husbands parents.  That dog was my everything...I got her before I met my husband and she went everywhere with me.  I had asked his parents to bury her before I got home from my 3 day vacation (this vacation was awful because of our grief), so all I had to go back to was our badly beaten other dog, and my lab's grave.  I have never felt so much grief in my life, but I am thankful all I have now is memories of her, and I didn't have to see her limp body that way.  As of today, it has been three weeks since her death, she passed on black Friday.  About a week after her death, my husband and I were blessed with another lab...a male silver lab puppy...he has honestly saved my life.  He brings so much joy to us and our other dog. Our new lab will never, ever replace our other that just passed...but not having two dogs was ripping my heart out.  Even though he is helping heal our hearts, I am still grieving over my deceased lab very heavily.  The pain is extremely overwhelming sometimes. My husband was able to put her things (food bowl, collar, her favorite toy, and leash) in a nice box for me to look at when I am ready, but I don't know if I will ever be ready to look at her stuff...I am still finding it extremely difficult to look at her pictures, and everytime I accidentally see one, I cry.  I love her so much I can't even explain.  She was taken from me way to could I loose her at only 3 years old?? I has envisions of her with my future first child, in my family for at least another 7 years!  Can anyone help me through this and let me know how they got through their loss?  I truly feel like I have lost my child in a tragic accident.  It is hard, because people do not understand a loss of a pet can hurt as much as the loss of  very close relative.  Please help :(   
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Hello there, my name is Andrea and I want to let you know that I am extremely sorry for the loss of youre young girl!! I also had a chocolate lab named Coco who was laid to rest only 12 days ago. My girl had bone cancer and left me after 10 yrs. of a beautiful life that she had. I was devasted as she was always a very healthy dog and like yours, she was always with me.
I don't even have words to describe how it made me feel to read  the events of how youre girl had passed!! I am so sorry!! Its just not fair to them!! I sincerely hope that youre other dog is alright.
 I do feel as though I have lost a very close relative, friend, companion. I am learning  to accept the grief because its not going anywhere for a while and try to realize that healing is going to take time and we can reach out for support. I just cant keep this to myself because to me my Coco was so wonderful and such a love that she deserved to be considered and grieved in a healthy way!! This forum has been so good for that!! I hope that you are able to find comfort here. My thoughts and prayers go out to you!!  Sincerely, Andrea, Cocos Mom.
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I'm sorry for your loss.  Losing a friend is the worst feeling ever.  No people do not understand the pain you (we) feel.  I understand how you feel losing a friend when they were still so young.  My dog was considered a senior (she was 7 or 8 years) I had her for 6 years before I had to put her to sleep.  I like you pictured many more years with having to say goodbye WAY earlier then I expected was really hard to accept.  The best advice is to feel your pain and acknowledge it.  Don't keep things bottled up or hidden. If no one in your inner circle at home understands you can always come here to vent your feelings out.  Everyone here understands the pain.  For me I just did things in memory of my dog... it felt like in some way I was keeping her spirit alive and not just letting her fade away. 

I hope you feel better soon.  I hope your other dog has recovered ok and I hope you enjoy this new and different journey with your new puppy.  New pets can be incredibly healing...its hard to take on another but in some ways its therapeutic. 
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