Devastated and heartbroken is what I feel.  He was fine a week ago, but just stopped eating. Vet found mass, operated today and cancer was everywhere. I had to put him down.  The tears don't stop.  I thought that I would at least be able to bring him home for awhile even if the news was bad, but the cancer was SOOOO diffuse, that the only humane thing to do was to put him down.  All of you know.....this is the worst feeling ever.  To compound this, I had another cats years ago that I had to put down to cancer at Christmas time.  I have two other kitties who I adore.  But I am just in shock how quickly this came on.  One month ago, Buddy was at the vet for diarrhea, no lumps felt then and then poof. So cruel, so cruel. 
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I know exactly how you feel.  I lost my Baylee (Choc Lab)the 29th of November to a fast growing cancer on her foot. I took her in for surgery to remove it and it had spread all the way up her leg.  When I had dropped her off that morning, I never expected to have to make a snap decision like that and that I wouldn't be bringing her home.  She was 12 years old so taking the leg wouldn't have been fair, but I'm still struggling with the decision I made.   Yes it is the absolute worst feeling ever.
We did have her cremated, but it's not the same, it still hurts way too much.
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Thank you for sharing.  I'm so sorry for your loss.  Yes.....the complete SHOCK of putting your pet down when you are just expecting a surgery.  Yes, I'm sure we both thought there would be hard times ahead taking care of an animal with cancer, but we thought we would have at least have had the chance to bring them home!!!  I the end we both did the right thing, but it is horrible.  I really wish my pets would diet on their own so that I don't have to make the decision.  It is gut wrenching.  Thank you for sharing.  I know there are lots of other people out there you know how we feel. Hugs to you Cshell. 
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I lost my 11.5 year old chocolate Lab, Baxter, yesterday to cancer.
I took him to the vet Monday bc he had stopped eating and looked anemic. The vet even suggested that I do it that night. I never realized he had gotten so bad. We just moved, and I thought he was just stressed and getting old. 
I begged to bring him home. It was a long night. 
My heart breaks bc I know he was suffering for some time, and never let me know. I am scared to go home from work today, bc this will be the first time in 11 plus years, that he will not be waiting for me. I have never lost a pet like this. 
This morning on my way to work, when I was fighting the tears, when I was talking to him...out of nowhere there is a rainbow. I was barley dawn, it was drizzling, kinda chilly, and no sun in sight. And a RAINBOW! As soon as I saw it and got a picture, it was gone. I know he is waiting at the bridge for me. Happy, healthy, crazy, slobbering, and ready to play! 
It is just hard to live without him. I know I made the best and right decision. I put him first. Just like he put me first his whole life. 
Cancer just sucks. 
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I am so sorry for your loss of your chocolate lab Baxter.  I have a cat named Baxter.  There are no words to describe the pain we all feel losing our beloved fur babies.  It is the MOST horrible feeling --- sometimes worse than losing a person I feel.  Yes, just like you I was taken back in shock. I have had cats for years and always thought I was super sensitive to anything that might be wrong, but no matter what...I couldn't have prevented this.  I have had to come to the realization that just like people, our pets are on this earth for only an appointed time and nothing will change their appointed day to die.  We can do all we can, but in the end they may die young, they may die old.  I do believe, though, they go to Heaven when they pass and God is holding them in His loving arms and they are running free and healthy.  And that I WILL see them again some day. 

I know that I will get thru the pain as I have been here before.  Day by day.  What keeps me going is that I know there are SO many homeless pets out there that need a home and need my love and I, just like you, have SOOOOO much love to give.  When the time is right.....I trust you will find that special fur baby that needs your love.  We will never forget those we have lost; however.  I'm so sorry for your pain and loss......I feel it too.  It's good to cry and it's good to keep busy too.  So sorry my friend. 
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Hi everyone- I'm new today. Last night I lost my best friend, Baxter. He was a mix breed. He gave me my life back. 15 years ago when my husband took his own life, I get Bax. He never ever left my side. As a small pup- he'd see me sobbing in the bathtub and jump in. He'd paw at the shower and huddle in a corner while I sobbed.
My boss let me bring him to work so he came to teach with me for an entire year. He welcomed my 2nd husband with open paws.
He got cancer just before Halloween. Had the tumor removed but it came back very aggressively. It was so hard to say good-bye to him. 
The vet was so sweet- sedated him first - telling me that the last thing he would remember was that we were all there petting him and telling him how much we loved him and how grateful we were for him. He did such a good job doing the task that God sent him to do.
I pray that he is happily running around Heaven today and I can't wait to see him there one day.
It's hard to stop crying as you all know too well. I can't imagine that today I will get home and he won't be there to greet me.
You are all in my thoughts today- loving a pet is the greatest gift.
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Dear Diana,  I am SOOOOOO sorry for your pain and loss.  We all know what that feels like and it feels like someone punched you in the gut and ripped our your heart.  It is the worst feeling ever. I have 4 days to process my beloved Buddy having cancer until I had to put him down.  I have had many pets, but I think this one's end was the cruelest for me.  Like you, Buddy helped me get over a death....the death of my cat PJ who I had for 15 years. Buddy was a lifesaver. I DO absolutely believe that animals go to Heaven and I will see them again some day. They are healthy now and having a good time with each other.

The best things that have helped me survive the early days of losing a pet are:  keeping busy, forcing my mind to replace any sad or horrible memory with a positive one of them, helping others who are going thru the same thing and......finding a new furry friend to love.  There are SOOOO many homeless, lonely animals that need us and for me, at least, it helps to transfer my pain onto a new loving furball who needs me because I really need them more.  Not everyone is ready to open up their heart again so soon or at all, but for me, I have found this to be the best medicine.  I have not found that special new kitty yet, but I KNOW he will find me. 

Hang in there Diana.  It gets better day by day, but I am right there with you grieving.  Sometimes it's OK and othertimes I cry so much I think I'll never stop, but I do.  We all know, though.....this is not fun and it is the worst pain ever.  Thinking of  you and hoping you find some peace and solace and healing soon.

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