I have had him since he was 8 weeks old, he passed yesterday, he was 8 years old. I am devastated. RIP Vegas...
Here are some of our memories together...


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Oh I'm so sorry.  I have had a look at the photos of Vegas and he was magnificent.  Your heart must be broken.   When you feel like it come back and tell us more about Vegas.  You are surrounded by friends here who understand how devastating such loss is and we all understand your heartache. What a darling puppy he was but probably quite big then.   St Bernards have the sweetest nature and you can see how very sweet he was. We can also see what a wonderful and fun life he had
with you and one day this will comfort you. 
Just know you're not alone in your pain,
Sending you blessings,

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Your photos show you gave Vegas and AMAZING LIFE.  My dog also loved to lounge around in the tub.  Katel is right everyone here knows the lose your feeling.  Just know Vegas is back on the beach enjoying the weather, relaxing, and doing all of his favorite things.
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I am so sorry for your enormous loss. Losing your best friend leaves a void that seems to encompass everything in your life. Vegas is a beautiful, beautiful being who will never leave you. He knew of your devotion and love and gave it right back.

He looks like a gentle giant who had a magnificent life.

And you gave that to him.
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I understand the pain is immense; I'm SO sorry!! ♥

Looking at those pictures I can see how it must have been love at first; he looks like such a loveable creature.

They won't return to us but one day we will all go to them! We'll all meet them again in a beautiful pain-free place where
there is a blissful freedom & nothing but love & unending joy.

Wishing you all the best & so much love at this really hard time for you!

I wish this for everyone reading who's so sad from being separated from what they treasured most, their true & best friends, and soul mates.

Its been just over 1 year for me; really thought I was going to die from the pain of my broken heart!
(Not meaning to sound like a drama queen)
It was very full on & truly crushing in so many ways.
So my heart really goes out to you now!

Look after yourself!

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Dear Yasserhm1

Just dropping in and wondering how you are and to say how much I am thinking
of you at the loss of your beautiful best friend Vegas.
I do so understand that feeling of being pounded by a sledge-hammer and
feeling just gutted and empty. There's nothing quite so lonely.
We all understand here and you are not alone, we are all here for you in this
horrible journey of grief. 

Hugs and blessings
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