My dog died today. I went to feed him this morning, and he was laying on the grass, dead.

We've been expecting it for awhile, we're not sure of his exact age, but we knew he was pretty old for a dog. But I just wasn't really expecting it since he was in good health for an old dog. He still loved to play, and he would jump up and down everytime I came outside to pet him. He would run around and wag his tail when we let him in the house.

We got him when I was 5 and I'm 17 now. It feels like I've lost a best friend. I've loved him since I was a little kid. I knew it was coming eventually but it still hurts.

I wish I could pet him just one last time and tell him how much I loved him. I hope he knew.

Rest in peace, you were a good boy.
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I am very sure he knew you loved him very much. They do know.

I'm very sorry for your loss. You had him for a huge chunk of your life and that makes it extra hard. They really are friends to us and much more. Such loving creatures. 

Missing them is really hard and unfortunately the grief can last a long time. But I hope you feel better soon, bit by bit.

My heart goes out to you, DogGuy.

-Missing Marissa deeply
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Like Catiebee, I think your dog knew how much you loved him. He is such a kind and handsome looking dog. You had many happy years together so it's understandable that miss him so and feel so very sad. I am so sorry for your loss.
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Sorry for your loss. Its so hard to loose a beloved fur baby and you were together for a long time. He knows how much you love & miss him and loves & misses you to. You came to the right place there are a lot of very caring and understanding people here that will help you wotk through your loss. I am here anytime you feel the need or what to chat about your fur baby.
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