Today we had to put down one of our family pets. Her name was Sara, she was a 14 year old black lab, and always nearby when I needed her most. :(  She had arthritis so bad that she had trouble walking and getting up, and when she started losing control of her bladder,  mom and dad knew that they would have to put her down soon. She was so embarrassed when she had an accident, even though mom and dad weren't mad at her at all. We gave her a special day, she had a whole waffle all to herself, and a ton of roast. We let her wander around our backyard, where she rolled in the snow. Even though she had arthritis, she could still do that. I made sure not to cry around her, because that would upset her. As soon as dad pulled out of the driveway, I started crying. I have been crying off and on the rest of the day. I feel like nothing will ever be normal again.
The day before yesterday, it was warm enough that she and I sat on the porch while I pet her. Then I threw a tennis ball for her to catch. Because she had arthritis, I had to throw it a very short distance, so she would not have to walk far to get it...
She was cremated, and I don't even know were the ashes are.... It seems like she went away so suddenly.

R.I.P Sara, the most faithful Black Lab in the world.
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Anna, I'm so sorry that your loved and loving friend, Sara, is no longer with you.  How wonderful that you had a special day just for her but I'm sure she knew everyday how much you loved her.  I also know that she knows how much you miss her now.  It was very brave of you not to cry and upset her.  Yes, they do go away very suddenly.  It seems that we're just in the middle of our time with them when they quickly grow old and must leave us.  And even if we understand that they must go and that they'll wait for us to be together again in the future, our hearts ache for them because they're not with us now.

Things will be normal again but they won't be the same.  The same special memories of Sara that make you cry today will someday make your heart smile.  She's changed you and your life in many ways.

Maybe you can think of some way to honor Sara that will remind you of the connection you still have with her.  A picture?  A flower?  I had a dog that was addicted to playing with tennis balls so I put her photo and one of the ratty old balls she loved on the fireplace mantel.  I thought it would make me feel sadder but it made me feel better.  You can do or make something that has special meaning for you.

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Anna, I'm so very sorry to hear about lovely Sara. It is so awful when they have to leave us, and our pets have such short lives compared to ours that if we love animals and want to share our lives with them we go through a lot of heartache.  Having said that, the pleasure that they give us, and the love we share is worth any amount of tears, and you will smile when you remember her. I lost pets as a teenager and it was so hard, now I look back and smile and laugh at the memories of them, they made my life complete.  You were wonderful to consider Sara's feelings and I'm sure that made her passing so much easier knowing how much she was loved and sharing such a wonderful last day with you.  You will cry sweetheart, its been 3 weeks now and I still cry, but know that Sara may be gone in body, but she will be with you always, and in many years to come when you are ready to join her she will be waiting for you and will smother you in kisses, our bodies may die, both ours and our fur babies, but that love never ever dies and remains for eternity.  God bless you and your family xxxxxxxx

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Sorry to hear about Sara.  My heart goes out to you. I just lost my Brandi on Thursday. It hurts so much whe you lose a loyal friend. I hope that my Brandi and your Sara got to meet on the other side of Rainbow Bridge. 

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