I sent out a prayer for every soul in Haiti, my heartfelt sorrow for everybody and all the four legged creatures, who had suffer from the many earthquakes which had striked you, today.    

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Amen to that Michelle.Many souls suffer,Human and of the Fur Kind.Thats a very thoughtful post...

Love and Light
Fairy Kisses for your precious Baby xxxxxx
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I, too, was concerned about the people AND animals in Haiti.  I hope some organization is there to help the animals.  It's almost hard to admit to people you are worried about all the animals.  But, in my mind, they are also God's creatures and can't help themselves.

Thanks for posting.
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    Dear friends,

        There is a group attempting to help animals in Haiti.  You can find info at http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com.   Info can also be found at http://www.GreaterGood.org.
         Please visit the animal rescue site daily or whenever you get a chance.  By going under the Animal Rescue tab, you can click on donating
food to shelter animals in the US.  It is free -- paid for by company sponsors.  It is the first thing I do each morning when I turn on the computer

                      -Schnauz's Mom 
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