She wasn’t just a dog. She was MY dog. She was my best friend. She was my constant companion. She was my morning snuggle. She was my sassy bossy girl. She was my leader and my follower. She was my reminder that love is unconditional. She was my howler at the moon. She was my dryer of tears. She was my fluffy pillow at the end of the day. She was my pain in the ass. She was my stealer of treats and sandwiches. She was my stealer of kisses and hearts. She was my chaser of bears, deer, and squirrels. She was my brave beautiful soul. She was my adventurer. She was my life. She was my happiness. She was my too smart for her own good. She was my brown eyed girl. She was my enthusiastic welcome home. She was my soul mate. She was my tattletale. She was my fierce lover of her family. She was my alpha. She was my reason to be better. She was my teacher. She was my heart. She was my first dog. She was my best dog. She was my Kiara Bear.
Today I said goodbye to a love that will forever leave a mark on my heart. For that’s just what dogs are. They are love. Unconditional. Unfathomable. And unforgettable. That’s why is hurts so much when they leave.
If I could only tell her one last thing, it would be thank you.
How lucky I am to have had something that makes saying good bye so hard.
I just never knew it would be this hard. My heart is broken. I’m so lost without her.
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So sorry for your loss Jessica. It is so hard and hurts so deep.
When I had to make the decision to let my Havok go, after 15 years, I knew it would be hard, but I never realized how hard until he was gone. It will be 5 weeks tomorrow morning and I still miss him so much.
Keep using this forum, everybody really understands the loss and the feelings, It has been such a help for me to be able to share the pain with people who really understand.
Just know that it's ok to feel whatever you're feeling and to cry whenever you need to cry.
Havoks dad
Jim Ruby
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I am so sorry for your loss. Our dogs are never "just a dog". They are so many things to us, and you described all of them. Our hearts break into a million pieces when they die and we miss them for the rest of our lives.
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