Early this morning I had to make the decision to have my beloved chacha a chihuahua mix of 14 years euthanized . I'm so sad my heart hurts. I just want to see her in my dreams
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Dear RoAnn,

I am so, so sorry for the loss of your precious Chacha, you gave her the last and most loving gift you could give her, you didn't let her suffer, I have the up-most respect for people like you who have had to make that awful and gut wrenching decision, not an easy one at all.

Your heart is broken, shattered actually, you have lost a long time companion, a valued family member who gave you her unconditional love each and every day. But Chacha's love is still with you RoAnn, she will never let you go a day without feeling her love deep in your heart, so always hold her close to your heart, talk to Chacha, let her know how much you love her and miss her and I have a feeling she will visit your dreams to let you know how much she loves you as well. Bella, our little 3 lb. Chihuahua visits me in my dreams often and it is always such a wonderful feeling when she does.

The first few days, weeks, months are hard, I am not going to lie, they are difficult, but with the help of the wonderful people on here and with Chacha's love surrounding you, it does get better as time goes on, but it takes time RoAnn, don't let anyone try to rush you. Let the tears fall when they want, your girl is worth each and every tear you shed.

In time, I hope the beautiful and loving memories of your precious Chacha, helps bring the peace and healing your heart and soul deserves.
I am so sorry for your loss, Sincerely, Don & Vera

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My heart goes out to you and i feel your pain i truly do.
You've lost a child for sure and we both share something.
My Chihuahua named Zoey was 12 1/2 when i lost her this last August just 2 days before my birthday.
Zoey came to us by way of my daughter who lived next door to a breeder. Zoey was the runt from a litter of 3 and no one wanted her........this happened just 4 months after moving into our new home in 2004. So Zoey blessed us for 12 1/2 beautiful and love filled years which include the 1 st would have been the 13th, but she's gone, and no celebration is taking place here.......I have a lot to be thankful for in that Zoey blessed our home and changed our lives, but i am not thankful to have a dinner with here not being here.
this video is the 4th Thanksgiving that she blessed us with and we had fun taping her taking her nap after dinner, 

Zoey you will always be in Daddies heart
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