Sometimes I get distracted with work or chores and then it just hits me like a ton of bricks again....she’s gone. Even though she’s gone, I still expect to see her in all of her usual places. Which happen to be all over this house and in the yard. As I drove home today, I thought of our walking paths as I got closer to the house. I could see her happily walking up the hill by the house, a smile on her face. I miss playing with her in the yard and watching her run after a favorite ball or a squirrel. This might sound dumb, but she almost seems like this beautiful dream that went by way to fast...even though we were together for over 14 years. I miss my sweet Jasmine so much. 


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I understand exactly what you say Dmoore about their time here being like a dream.  I'm really struggling with that myself.  And a nightmare all in one.  Jasmine 💖 such a cutie - I'm so very sorry for your loss. XO
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Dmoore, I can so identify with what you are saying. Everything I did around our yard I did with my boy Bandit. I see him everywhere, I look out for him, knowing he isn't there. It cuts deep, however, rest assured, your beautiful baby knew they were loved by you. It is us who has to carry tge hurt and emptiness,  but equally important for us to remember them in a positive way. Shedding tears is a beautiful sign of respect and love for our fur babies ❤💛🐕🐾❤💛
X x
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I know exactly how you boy left us nearly four weeks ago and the first few days were horrendous and I just wanted him back so much that my grief was overwhelming...but as the days went on I started to remember the lovely times with him.

But the last couple of days it has hit me like a train...I am very tearful and missing him like mad.

I have his ashes and I talk to him...but my daughter really helps as she has turned her sadness into the beautiful memories of him and reminds me of those times where he made us laugh.

I have found talking about Monty the best.

Ellen Hague
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Thank you for the kind comments. It’s comforting knowing I’m not alone in this grief....but it still hurts. She was literally with me everywhere in this house. I feel especially alone at night. She slept with me. I miss her right up next to me. Sometimes on me. I miss her warmth. A couple days ago, I thought I was ok, but I feel empty and broken again today. Sometimes it’s so quiet, I think I hear my heart beating. Is that even possible? 
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