My cat, Lovebug wasn't even 5 years old. She was the sweetest black cat ever.. She was my daughters cat, but also ours. We just moved into a new place and my daughter borrowed a carrier to take Lovebug over in, and she puked a couple times, orange - her cat food. Figured it was anxiety .. We'll, Tuesday morning, 4 days later, My daughter called me crying Lovebug was puking foam up.
I got home, and she was walking very slow, her eyes we're dialated, and she was foaming at the mouth.
I raced her to the animal hospital, they said they'd sadate her, and watch her for 8 hours, I paid 400.00 , and within 5 minutes, they called to tell me her temp went to 108 and she stopped breathing, and was blind.
We went back, ..immediately, we said goodbye. We have NO answers as to what caused her death. The doc said she got into something and she was nurologically far gone...all that in such a short time, no warning, nothing. We combed this new home ,cant find anything..the grief and tears are so overwhelming.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Lovebug! It must be so awful not knowing what happened to your sweet little cat. I hope you can find some answers that will give you some peace. My deepest sympathy!
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I'm so sorry on your loss of lovebug and five is a rediculously young age.
As Monty 13 says it is particularly cruel as you have no answers. I lost wee girl nearly three weeks ago (I'm a dog mom though) and she had similar symptoms with the foaming and then sudden rapid increase and blindness and in her case was a brain tumour. She was nearly nine and this was sudden and without warning, I guess there is many things it could have been and maybe someone on here will have more and better answers, I just wanted to mention this, in the hope that maybe it will ease your mind.
Although easier said than done, try not to blame yourselves and take your time with the grief. It is wicked at the start and even harder for you all as you have no answers, but this site is a great place and I hope someone else can help you a wee bit more.
Once again I am sorry for your loss of Lovebug
Take care and best wishes
Michelle &Patches
Patches mum
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I am SO sorry to hear about the loss of Lovebug. I lost two cats in two months - one to an infected tick and the other one I came home and found her dead in the yard, no reason of why or what happened. ALL our cats are strays/dumped on us but we love them all very much and it is so hard to lose them especially when it's unexpected. My heart goes out to you. We spent over $1400 for Sweetie to get the call at the vet's office he passed away the day I thought I was to take him home. We are guessing the losses of our cats were at the young ages of 8 and 10. Gone too short - thought we'd have them a lot longer and my heart breaks. The only consolation I have and you can as well is that we gave them the best life we could and they were greatly loved. Hugs to you ~ Dawn
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I'm so sorry for your loss of sweet Lovebug. My Rudy my sweet dog died very quickly from complications of diabetes within 2 plus months being diagnosed. It was earth shattering so I feel your pain and know you have no answers which makes it all the more heart breaking. Please know your baby is not suffering and her spirit and lives on with you. I pray for love and peace to you and hope you can find the comfort I found here with so many who care and are here for you.
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hello, so sorry about your Lovebug and being so young, that makes it hurt even more. Sometimes in life bad things happen to our pets at a young age and we may never find answers as to why...and that sucks cause we feel we had no closure. My dog Dakota passed away at 4 1/2 y/o and had multiple health issues and i never found out why it all happened or how I just knew that she was so weak and lost so much weight and had numerous health issues that came out of nowhere....and I still try to do my best to deal with what has happened. I talk to her daily and let her know I love her and someday when my time on earth is over and we meet up again, i can find out all the reasons of "why".   Please keep posting n know you are not alone.


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Dear Shan,
How are you? Just letting you know that you are not alone and are prayed for. The same thing happened 17 days ago to my Frosty pup...just 2 years old. He died in the car after gasping for air and shrieking....the Dr. Said it is very likely heart attack. We mourn with you, and please be good to yourself. This is what Love bug would want for you....
Frosty Joy 5/14 - 7/16
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May I add my condolences on your loss of Lovebug.  It is so very hard to have a pet fine one day, then pass away soon after.  I hope you sometime find the cause of her untimely death.  She is at peace now with all our babies, happy and healthy.  Hugs   Sue
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