His name was Nathan, and he passed away two days ago. He had survived so many miracles. When he was two years old, he was completely paralyzed and the vet told us to put him down (because he pulled a disc in his back)

We refused, and he ended up being able to walk again.

When he was 15, he was diagnosed with what they suspected to be a brain tumor after having two grand mal seizures. They said we should put him down, and we didn't. The medication worked, and he lived two more happy years.

But two weeks ago, he started coughing and vomiting and we found out he had heart failure. Unlike the last two times, there was no miracle recovery. When the vet told us to put him down, I looked into his eyes, and I could see he did not want to go home. It wasn't like the last two times. I just knew in my heart that he wanted to go home with mommy and daddy and that he would be OK.

But he'd stopped eating, and he was very weak this time. I have never known such grief. The pain is so immense it is almost difficult to believe that any of this is real. I love my baby and I would do anything to have him back.

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Hello I am so sorry to hear about your Nathan. I lost my dachshund Rocky just about 36 hours ago and the pain is almost unbearable . I will share his story soon but wanted to tell you that you are no alone. I am glad you were able to know he was a fighter and know when he was ready to cross the bridge. He was blessed to have so much love from you.
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I'm so sorry to read about your beloved Nathan. He was one handsome looking boy!
You're right: it's so hard to believe it's real when you lose your beloved dog but know that he will always be with you. He fought hard to stay with you but then he let you know that it was his time to go. My dogs did the same. Their eyes really say it all, don't they? Know that his love for you was so strong he will still be there beside you but in a different form. Even though your need to see him and touch him is so powerful remember he is there. Watch for signs from him to help you through. I'm sending hugs and prayers to you!
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Your Nathan was a very handsome guy. I am so sorry for your loss. I understand your pain. I lost my beloved Jack kitty on November 1st to chronic kidney disease. He was my special guy, had him for 17 1/2 years. The house just isn't the same, nor my life. I miss him every day, but know he is no longer suffering. He too had gotten to the point of not eating and feeling so bad he didn't want to do anything. I know I gave him a wonderful life, as you did your Nathan. Hold onto all the joy and love he brought into your life. It will get you through those tough times, which will be many. He knows you loved him dearly and did all you could to give him that very wonderful life with you. He had such a will to live, and you had the heart to see him through that, not take the easy way out and fight for him. He fought to be with you all these years too, with his heart and soul.

Know you are not alone in feeling the loss, the pain of heartache from your loss. Many of us understand what you are going through and will have you in our thoughts. Day by day is all you can do and treasure your memories of your precious Nathan.

Sending you hugs and prayers....
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I had to say goodbye to my Satin Marie on June 1, 2017 and after her brave fight for two years against Mast Cell tumors, the pain of having to let her go is still unbearable. She had been with me for 11 years and it just wasn't long enough. She was my baby girl and I just miss her terribly. Not a day goes by that I do not cry and I am always thinking of her. Sometimes I wonder if that is healthy but I cannot let her go. I've been attending counseling sessions for pet loss grief and although it helps, the pain just will not go away. I question myself should I have done something differently, should I have done something sooner when the tumors returned.

Please know that you did all you could do and in the end, you did the most selfless act of love that we have all done. Know that your Nathan also knew this. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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I am so sorry to hear about Nathan. I lost my boy Norm last Friday and I can relate to your feeling of disbelief that this is even real. I also relate to knowing from his eyes that he didn't want to fight anymore. You made the kindest decision for Nathan, and what I'm sure is the hardest decision for you. You've found a good place here. I am so deeply sorry for your loss.
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