I had to put my black lab mix Smokey to sleep a week ago tomorrow (Tuesday) after having her for 14 years. Just when I think its getting slightly easier, I do something which reminds me of her. She got suddenly sick last Tuesday during the afternoon, and as the day went on it seemed to get worse. When I brought her to the vet, she had a high fever and would not stop throwing up. They said she had a bad infection, but without running the tests or bloodwork, they wouldn't know for sure. I had the difficult decision to make, do I leave her there to continue suffering throughout the night or let her be free. I chose to let her be free, and it was by far the most difficult decision I have ever had to make. I didn't want her to suffer any more than she already had.

Now I am left with a enormous void, everywhere I look, or anything I do around the house reminds me of her. I have had some OK days and some really bad days this past week. I know it eventually gets easier, just not sure when it does.
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SM- A CBC panel would of told you alot. This cost about$30.00 dollars at most vets. It allows you to see Inside of your fur-baby. I'll just name a few, liver, kidneys, blood count and how It can fight Infection, white & red blood cells.  The test is worth every penny and then some.  I'm sorry that you had to loose yours. Prayers for you and your baby. Hugs---Marty

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I am very sorry for your loss.  Smokey obviously had a great life here with you.
I know how much you miss her.  It does get better .... but no one can tell you when.  While we each travel the same path ..... ups/downs, the speed of our journeys vary .     My whole first year after Rebel was killed is nothing but a blur.  I found this site at my two yr. marker and that's when I truly began to heal.
The support, the compassion and understanding I found here helped me start to move ahead.  
The bond we have with our beloved furries can't be put into words, can't be described to somebody else ..... but those of here, understand and appreciate the depth of your love and the depth of your pain.  
It does get better .... you never forget, but the pain doesn't feel so raw after awhile.   You can look at pictures and talk about your furry with smiles and happy tears instead of torment. 
Let yourself feel what you feel.  Don't let anyone try to tell you when you should be "over it".   Be kind to yourself. 
hugs and prayers
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I'm sorry to hear about your Smokey.  A sudden loss is oftentimes more difficult to deal with and hers was very unexpected.

Grief has an infinite number of paths.  Because we each have to follow our own path, no one can really tell you how long yours will be.  We can say that it does get better as you learn to accept your loss.  That as the peaceful hours of each day increase there will still be times when the grief bubbles up to the surface.  Your memories of the happiest times you spent with Smokey will stay sharp the longest and will cause you the most pain.  Later, those same happy memories will bring warm feelings and smiles. This is one of the great truths of life.  Maybe soon or maybe a little later you'll be able to think of Smokey with a warm, loving and peaceful heart, without the pain you're feeling now.  Hang on and take it one step at a time.  If you look around, you'll see the rest of us walking our own paths.

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Dear sm~
I had to put my pug Joey down last Tuesday also. The first couple of days I could barely get out of bed, let alone stop crying. When I brought home his ashes the grief hit afresh, but having him home has made it a little easier. I knew in December that he only had about three months left so I've been crying every day since then. I've been monitoring my recovery-- I'm about up to 50% right now. Although we'll never forget, time will smooth over the sharp edges of pain. My kids have been great-- we are planning a memorial garden for Joey and also having a bake sale to raise money for our local shelter in his name. Even with his tragic, untimely end I wouldn't have traded a minute of his time with me.
May Smokey's memory remain for a blessing.
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