Its been over a month since I lost my precious Shih Tzu!! The other day while cleaning up I found one of her old pill bottles from her constant bladder infections and her bladder stone. Looking at the bottle reminded me of all the years that she must have been in pain and she never complained even until the day she died she never whined. 

I have a new peace now!! It still hurts but I feel so much better now. I miss her but I know now that her suffering is over. Even my husband who she argued with all the time told be that he heard her shaking her collar the other day. I just smiled and said maybe you did. :) 

May daughter is ready for another fur baby. Lei Lei was more my dog and she is ready for one to be all her own. We are thinking about it.  Maybe it will be good for all of us!! 
Lei Lei Asia Whitfield
9/20/2004 - 12/19/2011
My Little Angel
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I'm so glad that you are doing better....it is still so painful though....  Loks like your baby is all around you....Judylinn :)

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That is wonderful news.  I'm so happy to read that you have some peace.  That is so important.  Even though you can never be happy about the loss, if you can be at peace, that is worth a lot.

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Dear leileismom,


Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for writing what you did.  It gives me a glimmer of hope for healing to come one day.


If you feel ready for a new furbaby to bring into your lives and love then that is truly wonderful. 


Please let us know if you do and tell us all about it.


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