It's been 3 weeks now since Maddy, my beagle//terrier mix got sick. She was fine the day before. It happened so quick, I can't believe she's gone. Maddy was my constant companion for 15 years. Her eyes were the first I saw every morning. I can't stop crying. I miss her so much. I haven't put any of her things away, that seems to final. And I'm not ready to say goodbye. My whole life is changed now.
Maddys Mom
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I am so sorry for your loss. My dog passed away this past Tuesday. It was very sudden. I left the house briefly at 3p. I came back by 4p and something was wrong with my german shepherd of 10 years. I called my vet and rushed her over there. He really could not find anything wrong. I brought her back home. She started really bad breathing and knew something was wrong because she could barely walk. She did make one final walk from the living room to my bedroom to lay near me. My friend came over we carried her to the emergency vet. She died in the car at around 1030p. It was a horrible experience and no one can understand the experience except for someone that has experienced the loss. I wish you so much strength in the grief process. If you would like to chat please reachout to me. I have a support network, but I would like to talk to someone that is going through this now.
I miss her so much at night and in the morning. I get these moments of just sadness.

Lunas Dad.
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