My 15 year old cat developed thyroid issues a few years ago that I could never control. This past year she got worse and worse. It was so sad watching her starved eating habits and dedicating all over the house. Her belly bloated a month ago and I took her in and they couldn’t tell what was wrong without all these invasive tests. I was heart broken. She was such an awesome cat before her thyroid issues. So funny and spunky and was truly my best friend. I found her in the humane society when she was only 6 weeks old. She was the kitten of a feral cat and was scroungy and had ear mites and was the most pathetic thing. I instantly fell in love with her. She did awesome rare cat things like walk on a leash and talk to me. She purred only for me. She was my best friend through so many difficult periods of life. Today I had to put her to sleep. I bawled my eyes out. The guilt and pain is overwhelming. I’m totally broken. I loved her so much. I hated having to make that decision, but she was a ghost of her formal sweet self. She didn’t even fight the shot. Two big deep breaths and she was gone and i was completely broken. I have 3 children now, but she was my first baby and I am going to miss her forever. I hope this gets easier.
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I am so sorry for your loss, i know youre in pain & heartbroken but know she is no longer hurting and went to the rainbow bridge and is in heaven watching over you. I lost my cat buttters just before christmas she was only 4 1/2 years old and had cancer & kidney failure loosing her tore my world apart and i have some days that are better then others. I believe you made the right decision to end her pain. She loves you as much as you love her. She was a beautiful cat and i know you miss her very much just remember ahe may not be physically with you but she will always be with you in your heart. I am here for you anytime you want to chat, we can chat on here or you can send me a pm. Here is a pic of my baby Butters.
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I had to let my 12 1/2 year old Doberman, Paris, go on 10/29/17, and I asked the vet that came to our house if it was a hard job. She said she felt peace, that it was the last gift we give them. And that is true. Sparing them as much suffering as possible is pure love. It will never be easy, but you will get used to life without her. The different becomes routine. You will always miss her, but that's how love affects us, and it's great. Remember the happiness you felt together when you feel really sad. I am at the point where I smile when I think of my dogs (my male, Dobie, died suddenly 7/10/17). They would want us to be happy, so I try to keep that in mind. And I do believe they are always with us in some way. She is a beautiful cat. I can see the love in her eyes.
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Dear Serenamoon

As time goes on we do
feel less and less pain
over having to put our
precious Pets to sleep.

Yet,we will always miss
them no matter how much
time passes.

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Thank you all so much. We buried her today at my family cemetery under a tree. My kids all cried, my husband and I cried. I know it will get easier. It has been so hard. I never knew so many tears could flow. I just loved her so much. My 7 year old loved her so much too. When people say animal love is less than human love, they are just wrong.
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This is the third time I have tried to write a reply to you since I saw your posting. It's hard to know what to say sometimes.

2 weeks ago we lost our Bertie cat to complications from hyperthyroidism. 

I thought I was doing pretty good for the first time since we put her down. I made it all the way through the day without shedding one tear, then about a half hour ago, I broke down and cried.

I really hate what hyper-t does to our beloved cats. I have a lot to say about it, but for now, let me just offer you and your family my sympathy.

Bertie's Daddy
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Every time I think I feel better I remember something about her or my daughter cries for her and I’m broken again. She is gone, but her sweet presence is everywhere. We can feel her pacing at dinner time. We can feel her energyk still. We love her so.
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you'll miss her forever, and it will get better. 
B Weinstein
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I am so sorry for your loss.  What a beautiful kitty.  I know what you mean about feeling her presence everywhere.  I feel my Scout's presence too.  Sometimes it brings us comfort, other times it reminds us of how he's gone and we fill with grief.  This is such a painful time.  I wish you peace and healing and condolences for your great loss.  
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