I have finally stopped crying. But am left with nothing but sorrow, emptiness, and pain. I feel pain thinking about how I will never see my cat tom again. I think back and wonder about what I could have did differently. I wake up in the morning and for a few seconds forgot he is dead. I pray when I die, I will see him again in heaven. This feel like a long neverending nightmare. 
Kathy mendez
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I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved cat. Most people second guess themselves after losing a beloved pet, I myself along with many others on this forum have done so. In time you will find that the grief will come over you like an unexpected wave, but you will heal, it is part of the journey. When I lost my Chihuahua 'Daisy' sometimes I would think to myself - I hope she has met & made some friends over the rainbowow bridge, especially the ones who's parents are members of this forum. I think that your baby will be in great company with the other furry pets. You have done the right thing by coming to this forum because everyone understands exactly what you are going through. Please be gentle with yourself.

Wishing you comfort and peace on your journey 
Daisy's mummy 
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I am so sorry for your loss, it is so so hard and it does feel like a nightmare.  I sobbed for the first few days too and now it just feels sad and empty and I also think about not seeing my cat again, which is the worst feeling and makes me feel very hopeless.  I am taking comfort in believing that every day that passes, is a day of healing and that we have to move through the grief one day at a time.  
Take care,
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