My baby Leon was my world in many ways, I know what some people think oh my gosh how sad.. But hell be with them.. Obviously they have never loved outside their little box.. He was there when I was happy and sad, never any judgment, just unconditional love... See that's the thing about humans...what's wrong? What can I do ? What's your problem? Then on the other coin our little love's there is never any conditions except you love them and treat them with absolute respect that's it ... Plain and simple..I have lost as simple as I can explain the true understanding person or not as some people would say pet (God I hate that word)...my little love. Thank you for whomever may read this just writing my feelings
Down. Love your babys💞
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Hi durham5 am truly so sorry for the loss of your baby Leon , your at the right place been on here as wee all understand. Theyr our baby's and so much better than humans , my boy gizmo was my son my baby my world , its crushing and I can understand the anger and feelings of loss because am the same . People that dont understand haven't been lucky like us to feel that unconditional love from our baby's . I do feel ur pain honestly , my baby boy passed 7 weeks tomorrow and people say to me it will get easier and They are probably right but one thing ano is I will never get over losing the best thing that ever came into my life . I still have one baby left my girl candy whom a love so much but my world has been turned upside down sine my boy left . Plz know am thinking of you and your words are perfectly normal to me because I know how it feels . Sending hugs to you at this hard time of losing your baby Leon . Annemarie x
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I am very sorry for your loss of Leon. Yes our pets have these beautiful little spirits. They have these wonderful personalities and lovely souls that they give us all their love. It's so very sad when they leave us ...

Hugs to you
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