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Like others who have replied to this post, I can relate to your situation.  My dachshund boy, Brandon, died in March.  For 15 years he had been my constant companion both day and night.  After he died it was very hard to get through the days but even more difficult to get through the nights.  In the daytime we can keep our minds busy, but at night our minds are free to roam where they will.  After I reached to point where I was no longer crying every day, I was still waking up in the middle of every night feeling as if I could not breathe.  This would go on for hours, usually until the sun came up.  Being exhausted made it even harder to cope with grief.  I started to worry that I had serious health problems until I realized it was caused by anxiety.  The same thing happened after my father died three years ago.  One hates to compare the death of a beloved parent with that of a beloved dog, but they were both equally stressful.  It sounds as if you are having a similar experience.  You are not going crazy; I think your mind and body are just having trouble regaining their equilibrium.  This may take more time, but it will happen.  My husband wonders why I read this forum when it seems to upset me even more.  I cry for my own loss and for the losses others have suffered.  Crying is a kind of therapy I think, and I also feel better sharing my story with others who can truly understand.  I hope you will continue to come here and that you will find peace some day, and some night.    Dachsiemom
Moira - remembering Brandon
"Better lo'ed ye canna be. Will ye no' come back again?"
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