I retired over 3 years ago. Just a few months into it, I announced to my family and friends that my wife and I were going to move to Asia soon to continue or retirement. This was something we had researching and considering for many years. The country in Asia is the country my wife of 8 years was born in and has lived most of her life in.

(I have shared so much about myself, some very personal sharings, on this public forum, that I am trying to maintain some anonymity by not specifying the country.)

During the 1st few weeks of planning out our move from the US, we took our large 7 year old dog Tasha to a series of vet's to get their thoughts and advice on moving her by plane to Asia with us. The concensus on their opinions and thoughts, and that of the American Veterinary Medical Association, was that we should NOT put her in the belly of a jet in a crate during the 2 very long flights necessary to get her to Asia. The flights were too long, the AVMA discourages dog travel by air even within the US, and she was always a high anxiety dog that would be terrified in the darkness and scary noise that she would experience in the belly of the jets.

And after much research, I also learned I there was no boat or ship transportation available to get her there that way either. 

So we shelved our plans, for the time being. We were not going to subject Tasha to this. The consensus was it would be unfair and too risky.

At that time, I had adopted Tasha 6 years earlier when I was in my 1st marriage. We already had a dog named Jessie when we adopted Tasha. Jessie was about 6 years older than Tasha. When we divorced Tasha stayed with me and Jessie went with her mother. 

When my former wife learned that I was shelving my plans to move to Asia out of concern for and love for Tasha and the air travel issue for her, she proposed that she adopt Tasha from me sometime in the next few years after her Jessie had passed on to the Rainbows Bridge. Jessie was a senior dog with some serious ailments.

So we all felt that Tasha could very likely go rejoin her 1st mother sometime in the next year or 2. While I loved Tasha very much, my early retirement was predicated on my moving overseas where the cost of living is less than 1/2 of what it is in the US. I did not want to consider letting go of Tasha, but I also knew that Tasha's 1st mom is and was a wonderful "doggy Mom", and Tasha would continue to live a wonderful life with her. After much difficult rumination, I decided I would do this. 

So we had a plan. Tasha would go live with her 1st mom again, after Jessie had passed on to the Rainbows Bridge.

Most of us expected this to happen within a year or 2, as I keep saying. But Jessie, God bless her, surprised us all, and kept living and enjoying living.

And a bigger surprise to me, just totally unexpected to me, was that Tasha would pass 1st. After waiting for over 3 years to give Tasha to her 1st mother, I lost Tasha in April of this year. It has been a very difficult year for me, the 1st 6 months after losing Tasha was the worse time of my adult life. 

I have made healthy and significant progress with my loss of Tasha. And my wife and I have sold our US home and moved to Asia this month. On December 15th, we finally arrived in the small city in Asia that we have been dreaming of and planning for our retirement, and checked into a nice hotel upon arriving.

Just about 1 hour after arriving, I received an email message from my former wife. It was time. She had just made arrangements for Jessie to get help to cross over to the Rainbows Bridge today, in just a few hours time.

My former wife did not know of my desire to retire to this exact city or that I was going here or even that I had just arrived here.

I was deeply saddened to learn Jessie was leaving us today, that day. And I have been grieving for her the past week.  

But I find it absolutely fascinating, that this beloved dog Jessie, who I had been waiting for to pass over for over 3 years, so her mother could adopt my Tasha, so I could move to this city in Asia, died on the exact day I arrived here in this city, just a few hours after my arrival here.

While I know this is a coincidence, I feel it is much more than a coincidence. I believe Jessie has sent me a sign, a sign for me to receive loud and clear upon my immediate arrival here.  That she held on until I got here. That she wanted this sign to communicate something to me upon my arrival here. I was Jessie's very loving dog daddy for 5 years before her mom and I divorced. She and I had been incredibly close, and fussing over her had been a huge part of my daily routine.

You can call me crazy or say I am imagining things, but I believe Jessie held on until I arrived here in this city. Somehow she knew. The city I have been dreaming and planning to retire to for many years now. I feel like she is telling me, "Go. Go and enjoy your retirement there. I am glad you finally made it there. I have been waiting for you to get there. Now I can go to the Rainbows Bridge."

Tasha's Dad and Jessie's Dad

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What a beautiful story. I feel the sadness in you losing your beautiful girls but I think I sense some comfort in your words too. I believe everything you believe and don’t think you are crazy or imagining it. Our pets our part of our hearts and they are so much more intuitive than people. I really believe they love us and are just as connected to us as we are to them. I hope you can enjoy your retirement even more knowing Jessie wanted that so much for you.
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Thank you very much for your reply. My 2 "dog daughters" were everything to me, as the dad, for numerous years. 

Yes, there was the huge sadness in losing my 2 beautiful and very special girls, but there was also much comfort in my words also as you sensed and commented on.

I also believe strongly that our pets are much, much, much more intuitive than we humans are. Modern living, modern society, has robbed us humans of most of our intuitiveness. But not our pets. They are still extremely aware and sensing of all that is going on around them. They are much closer to being wild than we are, and their senses are much more at attention than ours are or can be any more

Yes, I strongly believe Jessie communicated with me. By passing over on this highly significant day for me.  If it was just coincidence, then it was a 1 in 1,500 chance, the significance of the day of her passing.  

After the years of planning, and waiting, and uncertainty of what to do, I cannot believe it was just coincidence. 

Jessie's Dad and Tasha's Dad
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I am so glad that you feel such a strong connection and communication from your special dog. And I am sorry that you had to experience that loss❤️❤️
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What an amazing story! I believe it is a sign! Our fur children are part of our souls. They help us learn and grow and provide us with comfort. This is no coincidence. Jessie couldn't have been clearer and I bet Tasha was communicating with Jessie from Heaven saying "Hold on, he is almost there, he needs a sign from us..." Your girls pulled off a miracle for you. Enjoy this new chapter in your life. Jessie and Tasha are definitely watching out for you.
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Love4Sadie and Havanesefan,

Thank you so much for both of your replies to me.

My sincere apologies for responding to you both after so much time. I have moved out of the United States in late November, and I am so busy trying to get settled/adjusting to living in Asia; it is a complicated process to settle into a new different society and culture.

Yes, I felt always a extremely strong, loving connection to Jessie for a great number of years. Ever since rescuing her from a shelter in 2003/2004, when her owners just pushed her out of their car door in front of the Humane Society building and drove away as fast as they could. They didn't have the courage/maturity/dignity to bring her inside and help her get started with the very scary process of getting/finding/hoping for a new home. She was just a 1 year old pup then. 

Yes, the "communication" from her, is just incredibly surreal to me. Yes, I believe it was a sign; had to be a sign; was much more than just a sign, it was a message to me, loud and clear.

For her to die on the very day I arrived here, after all the years of waiting, is impossible for me to accept or understand as just a coincidence. 

Jessie had a very long and wonderful life after she was rescued by my wife and I. I feel nothing but wonderful about this fact. She was a lucky, fortunate dog in this respect. Much luckier than most by far.  


Yes, I don't believe Jessie could have been clearer. And yes, I can believe you that Jessie with 1 foot out the door and 1 foot still in the door, was communicating with her sister Tasha at the Rainbow's Bridge ... with both of them trying to conspire and communicate with me and give me a HUGE sign. 

As you said, putting words into Jessie's and Tasha's mouths:"Hold on, he is almost there, he needs a sign from us..."  

And you said: "Your girls pulled off a miracle for you. Enjoy this new chapter in your life. Jessie and Tasha are definitely watching out for you."

I do believe you are absolutely right. They did pull off a miracle, the 2 of them. They DID communicate with me this way.  To send me a HUGE HUGE HUGE sign.  On the VERY day I arrived at my dream retirement destination after waiting, for years, for both of them, to be OK, to have their very important needs met 1st.

Tasha's Dad and Jessie's Dad   (I loved them both so damn much 
                                               I don't know what my name is!)


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