My cat snapped the last 4th of July with the fireworks and hasnt been the same. She goes from being really really sweet to snapping, putting her ears back clawing, screaming at the slightest thing. She was ok for awhile, and had a clean vet visit . They put her on anxiety meds but the did not help.

She was really good for 6 months then something snapped.

For the past 3 days I had her barricaaded in the room so she could not hurt me or my daughter. For a secon she would put up her tail and come toward me, but then when I talked nice and put out my hand to her she would go into full attack mode, ears pinned back etc. She got me in the bathroom where she had me cornered, her teeth showing growling, a high pitched scream and I had my aunt on the phone. she said "You have to do something she is going to really hurt you or your daughter".

I panicked and called my doctor (I have Lupus and RA). He  said if that cat scrathes or attacks you it could be deadly.

Yesetrday I called animal control as I could not calm her down and she had her most hysterical melt down ever. She took her to the humane society. I know what they are going to do. i canot stop crying, I see her everywhere now in my mind, I feel like a murderer. I hate myself right now, I feel so so so horrible..There was no "no kill" shelters who would take her. 

I feel like the most horrible person on earth and cannot stop crying
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Oh, I am so sorry. I totally understand how you feel. Please, just take a breath. You are NOT a horrible person. No reasonable person should sacrifice the safety of themselves or a child when the signs of something wrong are so clear. I truly feel you did the right thing. However, you are going to have to knuckle through a few tough days ahead until you can clearly know that for yourself. 

No "horrible person" would feel so awful. Horrible people don't care. So, my wish for you is that you will arrest that thought as soon as it comes up. It sounds like there was something organically wrong with your cat that was very likely to end up with a lot more suffering. What do we want to do more for our animals? Relieve suffering. You did that. Please forgive yourself.

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//Kris, thank you for your comforting and kind words. Do you know anything about the Humane Society, if I contacted them would they allow me to have her back after surrending her over? This regret is too much to bear

I feel like the most horrible person on earth and cannot stop crying
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I agree you are not a horrible person, and I can understand why you feel this way. You did do everything in your power to keep you and your child safe. 

Did you want to contact the Humane Society to get your cat back? I would tt your vet also about why this is happening and what could be done to stop your cat for acting out, if you choose to take her back.

Again, I am sorry for the pain you are going thru and we all go thru the "guilt phase" with all our beloved pets as if we did not do enough for them.

Sending you comforting ((hugs))


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I am very sorry about the situation that you are in.  You are not a horrible person.  Many years ago my sister gave me a kitten who was growing into a cat.  The cat was totally wild and got more and more out of control.  I had a two year old child at the time and was concerned about her safety.  I did the same thing you did and felt terrible about it for a very long time.  I am a cat lover and never wanted to give up on one but nothing I did helped with this cat. She was totally unpredictable and I never  knew when she would try to attack my daughter.  I had to put my daughter ahead of the cat.  It is a very difficult decision  to make.  But some cats cannot be made into safe pets and it is a painful truth which we need to accept.
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Hi Patsy
Was she out of control one moment and totally peaceful, kind and loving the next? It is that we shared so many wonderful peaceful loving moments ...she was like this maybe 80 percent of the time. But she would lash out, attack, back me or my daughter into corners, ears pinned back, a sound coming out of her at us that was not even a hiss but more like a scream, she wouldl scratch us and lash out at any given moment...

then she would go back to being loving 5 min later....

Do you still think I made the right choice? Should I go get her? I have had her since she was 8 weeks old, she is almost 4 now. I dont know what triggered this latest bizarre 3 day stand off. But out of complete panic, I called animal control as I could not get her in the carrier and since she was in attack mode the agreeed to take over after I signed papers. They got her, all I am left with is a haunting smell of spray in the room the trapper her in, a sure sign of her intense fear.

I called the Human Society today , they were so rude. They kept asking for my "animal number' I said I do not have one, they said the lady who trapped her should have it but she is not in until tomarrow.

What would you do???

I feel like the most horrible person on earth and cannot stop crying
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I can't blame you for being forced by circumstance to have to do what you did. It was a sensible decision at the time.

Now your Heart has kicked in more and it is upsetting. I can understand that. It would upset me too in the same way.

You at least could call them and ask specifically that they do not put her to sleep for sure, until you have made a firm decision. I know you "signed her over" and am not sure of the legal implications of that but appeal to their compassion.
It is likely (but I am not sure of this so don't take it as gospel!) that you might have 14 days.

If this happened suddenly to your cat and she wasn't like that before, it sounds like more than the 4th July fireworks. She may have some real health problem that is affecting her psychologically.

So if you did manage to get her back, you will have to immediately figure out some way of getting her assessed by a vet, and she will probably need to be sedated for any examination and testing.

It may be a complicated testing to get to the diagnosis.

But at least you would feel you had done everything possible for her. Which would be easier for you to carry. She may still need to be put to sleep, because whatever has happened sounds serious, so you would have to be ready for that. But you never know. Some cats freak out because they have some physical pain that can be fixed easily, but it puts them in a bad mental state.

Bless you and I send my kindest wishes, as this is so upsetting for you.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

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Misty's life after death:
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The kitten/cat I had was "normal" some of the time but then would go into attack mode.  We didn't keep her very long because she was so focused on going after my daughter and trying to attack and scratch her.  She would start running wildly through the house, climb up the draperies from bottom  to top and attack anyone who would try to stop her and then go after my daughter.

If an animal displays dangerous behavior even some of the time, I don't think it is  safe to take the risks.  The fact that the behavior was extreme enough for you to call the Humane Shelter suggests that the cat had become dangerous, even if it was just a periodic event.  

I understand your feelings about losing a cat which you love very much but I still think you made the right decision.  I was not there, of course, to observe the behavior but anyone who loves animals will not make that decision unless the behavior is well beyond that of a normal  cat.
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I feel your pain. When I was in high school, 22 years ago, a female calico kitty showed up at our house. This happened a lot, so of course she could stay. Then we realized she hissed and growled at us all the time. Ok, no big deal, she can live outside if she doesn't want to be social. She wasn't aggressive to the other cats if they left her alone. We got her checked at vet to make sure she wasn't in pain and had her spayed and named her Betty. She started coming in the cat door and...PEEING IN THE TOASTER! We went through several before we realized it was not a one time thing. Hot cat pee is still one of the worst things I have ever smelled! Still no biggie, we put toaster up. Then she started coming to sit on laps, but if you so much as moved your arm, she would fully attack you! Then she started getting aggressive to the other cats and the dog. After three years of being terrorized, we realized she was only going to get worse, so one day I took her to the humane society, told them the situation in case they were able to find someone that could handle her, and also money in case they felt she would need to be put down. I was 17, and I felt like such a piece of garbage. I was sure the shelter staff thought that about me, too. But in hindsight, we did all we could with this cat. She was not normal mentally. It was like she lured you into letting her get close just so she could attack you! If we had had a young child in the house, she would have been gone much sooner. The safety of a child is the most important thing here, and you did what you had to to keep your daughter safe.
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I fully agree with the replies.
You either did all you could or decide to continue the journey with attack Kitty. Animals are not humans and we cannot communicate as we believe we can completely with them.
The cat may have a health issue or brain issue. To continue or getting back the cat, may help you stop condemning yourself and may be costly financially, if there is a real health issue.
This choice is yours and my suggestion is to contact some vets who may know the why and if her being mad could be a serious issue that you can't control.
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