I put my cat down today. He was only five. This was his fourth urinary blockage and I just didnt have the money to save him. I tried to get him into every vet near me, but they were just to busy. Took him to the emergency vet and was told I needed 3500 to save him but that he most likely would just get blocked again because hes "high risk." I didnt have the money, which left me with two options. Let him suffer in pain for a few days while he dies or put him down. After crying for what felt like eternity. I choose to put him down. I had already spent close to 8 thousand keeping him alive and I'm broke now. But when they started to give him the shots I was just overcome with guilt. I feel like I murdered my cat. I cant sleep. My other animals are looking for him or trying to comfort me because i cannot stop crying. All i can think about is the what ifs...what if he was going to be fine? What if after you unblocked him this time he would be fine. I dont know how to stop feeling like a murderer.
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Obi42 You did everything you could for your baby, in then and to made the decision not to let him suffer. No matter the situation making that decision is the horrible. We all have those feelings of guilt and what ifs. I do it everyday. Just know there are many people on this site who understand and are here for you.
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  My condolences on the loss of your beloved baby. All of us on this Forum have had to -at one time or another - make gut-wrenching decisions about our pet's health status. You are not a murderer. Everything you did was solely in the best interest of your cat. Tough choices are never easy to make but you did the absolute best that you could. Everyone on this Forum understands. Don't beat up on yourself; your cat is looking down from above and Thanking You for the wonderful, nurturing care that you provided. 


Jim Miller
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