So honestly i have dealt with loss before, even working at an animal shelter when i was younger i was sad when they died but im struggling after i lost my dog of 13 years. She was put to sleep on friday August 9th 2019. She had a tumor which was 90% of her stomach and i honestly didnt know. My grandparents didnt either which they took her in to get look at while i was at work and had to make the decision. I got the text from my mom at 9pm after i just finished service. Im a chef so i work alot but i literally sank to the floor in tears. My dog zoey was there through some of my dark days. She stopped me from killing myself a long time ago and she never left my side. My grandparents opted to no get her remains which i totally lost my mind. I was able to call the vet and get her ashes thankfully but im so very shaken. I also had two weeks of things in my personally life hit me back to back and then her passing. I know she isnt suffering but what am i suppose to do... My only friend in the world is gone and i know with the way things are going this week is gonna be something else... I just want her back.... I miss her to the point i cant function 😢
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I am very sorry for your loss of your adorable Zoey. I know she was very special and very much loved. She was your best friend and saved your life. Clearly she was an amazing gal.

I'm glad you were able to get her ashes. Many people find comfort having the ashes at home.

My condolences,
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I am very sorry about the loss of your precious Zoey and that events developed in the way that they did. If you had been making the decision, you likely would have wanted to end her suffering.  But you would have been there, involved in the process and would have been able to properly request her ashes.

Your feelings of intense grief and feeling that you can't go on without her are very typical of the way many people in this group feel when we lose our beloved pets regardless of how it happened.  You have come to the right place where there are many people who understand.  We can't change how things developed but we can be here to listen, offer support and grieve with you.
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Dear Esteban,

I too am very sorry and saddened to learn of your recent loss. By the words you have written you can easily tell just how much you loved, adored and cherished your beloved Zoey. She was obviously your "Spirit Animal." 

What you are feeling is natural. We are all heartbroken for you and share in your grief. For your Zoey's pain and suffering to end, you had to take it onto yourself. That is what you are experiencing. "This too shall pass." Please know this. And please realize that you are never alone. We are with you.

I hope you will continue to just travel through time and heal and that soon, all that shall remain when you think of your little girl will be your fondest and happiest memories of your time with her.

Kind regards & my sincerest condolences,
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I want to thank you all for your kind words in this time. I was very scared to post on this forum just because i felt my pain wasnt really that worthy but im glad i did honestly. Im glad to know that this is normal and im not just overreacting. My heart hurt so much but i know all of you have felt this or are going through this as well. Im glad she isnt suffering, i wish i could of said goodbye and held her one last time as we all feel. Thank you so much for listening and i wish everyone dealing with this the best, its tough it will get better but its ok to lose it... They ment the world to us and that world seems so small without them here 😢
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I am so sorry for your loss. I know their is no words that can help for we had to put down our dog july25 th and I’m still sobbing constantly. My heart aches for everybody that’s going through this. I get so tired of people not understanding or telling me how to heal. That’s why I love this site, for people understand although each and every one of us grieves differently. My hope is that God will carry us all through our difficult times that we are all having.
Tammy driscoll
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