There's no proof it was her. But the lady on the phone said she ran over a cat on Tuesday night. That's when my cat went missing.

She dropped her off at an animal hospital. The cat didn't make it. There's no proof it was her, except a general coat colour description.

I just found out three hours ago. I'm experiencing the worst grief I have ever felt. I am utterly devastated.

She was three. Spunky, beautiful, inquisitive. She just likes to have fun. And then she was killed. She'll never get to have fun again.

Everything reminds me of her. Seeing where her water and food bowls went. Places she played outside. She went for walks with me. She'll never do that again. She should be on my bed right now sleeping while I watch tv.

I miss her so badly. I don't want to believe it was her. I don't want to think that I'll never see my beautiful cat again. I love her so much and cared for her. She followed me everywhere.

This is the worst pain I've ever felt. I wish I had never found out she was killed. That she was hurt and then she became a lifeless little body without me there. I can't believe this has happened. I want her home with me.

I am completely and utterly devastated. It doesn't feel right. I don't want to believe it was her.
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I do hope the lady was wrong. Your kitty may not have been the one. Prayers go out to her.

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I am so sorry for your loss.  Only good thing to say is that the woman took the cat to a hospital.  I know of too many stories where they don't even stop.  I know how you are hurting and it truly is the worst pain ever.  Just know that you are not alone here.  We all will be hurting with you.  I do wish there was some way for you to know for sure.  Not truly knowing is just awful.  Take care.
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I am so sorry for what you are going through! I know you wish you had been there. As Beaglemomma said, at least the woman did take her to the hospital so your baby knew she was with people who cared about her and were trying to help her when she passed. She wasn't alone. It's a small comfort I know but I think at times like this we have to grab on to anything that might bring the smallest amount of comfort.
I understand what you mean about her water and food bowls. When I lost my little guy, my husband put everything away except for the water bowl Bailey drank out of just before going to the vet. (He hadn't been eating) I think we let it sit there for a few days - I couldn't bare to move it. We had Bailey for 15 years so I understand how devastated you feel. I hope it helps a tiny bit to know there are people who truly do understand and sympathize so much with you!
Thinking of you,
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We're all animal lovers here, so your story resonates with all of us. I'll pray for lovely kitty. God knows all of His creatures and He has plans for them in Heaven.
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