This coming Saturday, 4/9/16, will mark the one month anniversary of when I had to say goodbye to my little Shiloh-man.  Later this summer I planning to move to a different house so I have started to de-clutter and pack away a few things of mine.  For some reason this set off sadness and tears about my Angel Shiloh.  Yesterday evening, I was out in the backyard raking up leaves - getting ready for mowing, Angel Shiloh was notorious for digging out under the fence when he was younger so I had place heavy metal rebar and concrete stones every few inches to stop him.  Now I am removing those rebar but leaving the stones since they are buried. As I moved up by the gate, I saw some of these swtones and was instantly transported back to those better times.  Today, the back door was open and my little Shasta, Angel Shiloh's younger sis, heard a dog bark outside and ran out on to the deck - I know she was looking for and wondering where her brother is.  She rarely goes into the backyard except to potty unless I lure her with a treat or take her back on the leash and then she fights it.

Maybe if he had not first been diagnosed with Ringworm then a skin infection about two weeks later and finally widespread cancer the day before I had to say goodbye maybe if I had know before that he had cancer, I would have been a bit more knowing of what was to come.  I know what cancer does  
to both humans and dogs - I have lost my parents to cancer as well as other relatives.  He isn't suppose to be gone yet - I should have been able to celebrate his 13th birthday with him - he left me 17 days before his birthday.
It's not easier. 

That is Angel Shiloh with the smirk on his face standing in the back - Shasta is in the front.
Shiloh (in back) Shasta.JPG 
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Hi Kim,

What a cutie Shiloh was! On April 12th it will be 3 months since my cat Cody died. He died within 15 minutes of waking up from surgery. He was my best friend. Life still is not getting easier for me. I understand about the decluttering thing too--I have lost many, many family members and pets to cancer and I hate getting rid of something that belonged to them or that they gave me. I wish you and Shasta well!
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So sorry for your loss.  Your baby is a cutie!  I feel for you - Wednesday morning will be 6 weeks since I lost my kitty baby Little.  I'm still devastated.  I will say a prayer for you.

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Shiloh is just adorable. I see what you mean about his smirk!

Those memories get to us when we least expect it and they don't half hurt. I know what you mean about being transported back. Sometimes I even forget for a moment that Spike is no longer with us - then the pain hits you when you realise that he's not in garden, not out for a walk with my husband and not in another room. He's gone and there's this gaping hole in your life. 
It will get better though and I think we just have to try to stay strong.

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Shiloh was a cutey. I know your pain. It is so hard to live without them. Shiloh knows your love.
Sending you peace and healing prayers
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