Its funny, the way he came into our lives. My brother was with a friend whos aunts cat had kittens- he called and asked if we wanted one, knowing Im a cat person. As we had a lot in the air at the time I said no- he came home with the cat anyway. The way he fit so perfectly in our lives was just beautiful. He was so unique in every way with small habit that just made you shake your head and smile. He was only 6 months old when he got out one night- one of the coldest nights in a long time. It rained most of the night and he didnt come home. Later the next day the neightbour called to tell us his dogs got to him, but it looks like the cold got to him first. He was one of the sweetest, funniest innocent cats I know - and he died cold and lost and alone. He deserved so much better. Im scared he was calling for us to find him like we were calling for him. A part of me feels guilty everytime I lay in my warm bed, I cant help but think how he must have felt in his final moments. I just hope his last thoughts were memories of all the love he had in the house. 
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