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Thanks JB
I also posted a pic of my babies for the Monday ceremony.
I told them I put a picture of them on the net when I went to their resting place today..

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Hey Cas, just looked at the adorable picture of your babies! That was one trick I barely got my dog to learn! You can see my Jake under the J's (the Miniature Schnauzer).

I don't know if you read through the procedures of the ceremony but it is quite beautiful. Even if you can't participate "live" you can do it whenever you want. I thought including the homeless, forgotten and abused animals was very special.

As I am writing this my new friend is snuggled up next to me. His name is Fritz. Jake was my only furry child and it is nice to feel needed again. He definitely has a different personality and is different in appearance. I will always miss Jake but Fritz and I can have a different relationship.

How amazing to have a cat that's 26! I had considered getting another dog when I started seeing Jake slowing down; I knew I would be devastated, as I was, if I had no other furry child when something happened to him. In the end I thought it might be too stressful and didn't do it.

If you and your partner decide to get another baby you will know when the time is right for you. I was watching a story about William Wegman, the famous photographer and his 1st Weimaraner....after she died he did not get another for 4 yrs. How nice it must be to have a nice burial spot on your own property to visit your babies.....

Again, I cannot imagine the loss and pain you two are feeling over losing both of them at once. That is the risk of love...we open our hearts to these wonderful guys and gals and they accept us no matter what. As much as we love our human partners and family it's not quite the same. These guys don't care if we've cleaned the house, put on makeup, gained 5 lbs, fixed dinner on time (ok, they might care about that one!), done the laundry, etc...

Peace and blessings.....

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Hi Cas---- There comes a time when you really do need help from the outside. IN 2004 I lost Maggen Marie.    36 HOURS later I lost Shelby Girl to brain cancer.  She died In her sleep, thank God. That was a blessing.  I walked around in a daze for days.   My husband finally realized that i was In real trouble. Cas, our animals don't out-live us nor should they.  Who would care for them If we were not here?  The hurt and anger, the daily living with-out them. All the memories!!!  Niki & Bonie are find now for old man time can't take away anymore.  Always remember that they love you, not pass tense. THEY'LL COME BACK!! Give them some time and give your-self some time and if you need help, I'm always here.  I have 17 and one that will go real soon.  The tears are going to fall, the ache of your heart is going to hurt. Marty & critter

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Dalmatian and are amazing.
Yes, I know that I am under alot of stress and anguish over them...and that I do need to do something. I have talked with a chaplain friend of mine and asked her for some "talk" time...and I will do that Thursday.
I cry at the drop of a hat at the mention of their names or a picture or even flowers still being given to me in their memory.
As they are my children...I couldn't have any of my own flesh..they became that for me.
My Nikki would throw the ball and then drop it a few feet away...I would tell her "oh come on...don't make me walk to it" and she would bark at me and then nudge it closer as it to say "okay, half way then".
We have a very big (oversized 1/2 acre lot) and they have a beautiful resting spot with a "Cat Whiskers" bush planted there with them in memory of their little big brother.
I just hurt so much...I know they couldn't out live us....but just ..hurts not to have them.

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Cas....keep coming here everyday. Keep talking, keep remembering, and it will get better. I'll be honest, it took me months to stop crying atleast once a day. I still visit his memorial each time I'm out in the yard. It's beautiful under the tall cedars with St. Francis there to watch over him. I also have to confess that I did run right out and get myself another baby. Same make and model...a white poodle. There was something that struck me when I saw him and knew I had to make him mine. He's not my Juji, much different, but I do love him so much. As a matter of fact, he's everything poor Juji was not. Juji was only my dog, very nervous, and wasn't social with new people. In a way, he was quite a sad little mess, I even considered putting him on meds at one point, but just couldn't do it. I loved him just the way he was, and he loved me with all my faults...that whole unconditional love thing is amazing. My new boy, is totally the opposite and I always think that maybe it was fate the way he came along, and maybe, since he is so carefree and loving, that Juji actually came back as BooBoo (his name is another story) now able to be free. Who knows. What I do know in my heart is that he is free now, in heaven. I know he has peace and continentment (now I'm crying again). I know I'm rambling on here....sorry. I do have a point (I think). Oh yes....let yourself grieve, but also let love back into your heart. First start with the wonderful memories, they will hurt at first, then you will notice the smile that comes from the memories. And then, when you're ready, let another furbaby into your arms. There's nothing like that feeling (Nope, not even your partner has the ability to make you feel that good). I hope you and your partner find strength with each day....take care. Oh, and I also hope I didn't bore you with my love story. I just makes me feel better to talk about it.

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Hi Gabbie
No, you did not bore me.
In a way we all help each other with stories and talking things out.
I know that I will never say never to getting another child, but for right now...I can not. Being able to cry everyday is a good it lets it out and not kept inside where it bottles up and turns ugly.
I talk to them each day when I visit...I know in reality in the physical sense they don't hear me...but it comforts me to know...they do still hear me...and my sorrow...and I know they would lick me and nudge me to "move it".
So, yes, I do check here helps.

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Hi Cas---Your babies are still with you but not as you know them.  They WILL come to you while you sleep and let you know In there own way & time that they are whole again or you will be woke up by a gental bark in the night. I can't count the times In the last several years that I have gone to the door to allow one of my fur-babies spirits In. This will always be their home no matter what form they come In. I still take care of those that have passed In my own way as well as those that are still by my side. My husband thought I had lost my mind til he also started to hear the barks and all was asleep In the house. I miss my fur-babies that have passed but In just a small way I am glad that they have gone to the bridge for they were so Ill. Now they are whole again with-out pain.   Marty & 17 

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Hi Dalmatian

Yes, I know that they will never really leave us.

I still smell them and can even hear their bark in my mind's hearing.

I know that I will see them again....God is awesome that way.

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