It has been months since I held my Fluffy and at first it was hard and I felt like I couldn't go on without her and most of my days were spent sleeping. A few weeks ago I got back from a visit away to see my sister,I had to just go and get away from home and it was amazing and I came back feeling great. Now looking back I almost didnt even think about Fluffy at all while I was there I did have a breakdown when I was talking about her and now I feel like is that how it will be I will just sonedays not think about her. Now I am back home things have gone back to being bad,I sleep nearly all day because i dont want to wake up and do anything. It probably has alot to do with that I still haven't packed up her cage or my walk in wardrobe which is where she chilled out during the day, I have photos up and when I look at them I remember the good times but when I look at her things I remember she isn't with me anymore but if I pack it up I am losing those physical memories and reminders of her. I really do want to move forward with my life and get a job so i am doing something but I feel stuck and just want my baby back. We have a puppy and I adore her but she isn't mine, that bond and love is different but I don't think I could ever go through loving and losing another rabbit. She was my one and only,the love of my life and I miss her more than I can express. I haven't cried alot but when I break down its pretty intense and leaves me feeling really depressed. When I was with my sister I told her I wanted to get a tattoo of my rabbits names together 'FluffyBunny' but she thought that it wasn't the best idea having the names so I thought I would take more time to think about it, I want it because I want to have that memory with and on me forever not only my rabbits but those happy times and what happened for me after they went which will hopefully be me starting to make a life and future for myself. As people going through the same emotions I am I would really like to hear your opinions on it because I don't want my emotions to rush me into anything.
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Hi, I'm so sorry for your loss.  Grief is so awful and we go through so many emotions.  Just take it one day at a time and be gentle with yourself.  Take time to think things through and you'll know whether you want the tatoo but I would wait for a while and let your emotions settle down a bit.  I hope you keep coming to this site as I think you will get some comfort from reading the posts.  My thoughts are with you. Take care.

I live in the Isle of Man (UK time)
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