I have accepted that I will feel a little sad and cry for my Sasha every day until I see her at the rainbow bridge.  There have been days when I was almost willing myself to die to get there sooner, but, I am now getting to the place where I believe I would best honor Sasha by loving other babies and having a pack waiting for me many years from now.  But when my time comes, I know Sasha will be leading the pack to greet me.  Yes, I am crying now, but, know there are other babies who will need to be loved by me and I will tell them all about their wonderful big sister Sasha and how she taught me how to love.

Sasha, forever in my heart.

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At the begining very strongly and after a few months it became sporadic and i do still at times  i felt the same way as you , feeling the need to go and find my baby girl as well at rainbow bridge hug her and feel her , the need to leave  the heartbreaking sorrow behind me and be with the soul that has touched mine and bond forever she was and still is the light of my soul she made me a better person , she showed me what is acconditional love like your Sasha did to you and i will be forever grateful to her. Be happy that you were lucky to feel these emotions and you shared them with a soul so pure .I wish to others that dont understand this love we came to know and cherish and not able to part from , one day feel it too their lives will become so different !
 I lost a big part of me we grew up together for 13 years, so i know how you feel and im so sorry for your loss but know that she is in a better place and one day you will reunite

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Sue, I have felt just like you so many many times. but time does keep the healing process going, though I still miss my beloved Maddie very much. when I felt so bad I felt the same way as you....I wanted to honor the love and life Maddie had with me, by using the love she gave me to keep growing and become a more loving person just like she was, and I have made that my goal ever since. that is the best way to honor that love and life..I help look after a black lab/ great dane, that needed some help. he comes to me quite alot in the week, and I have grown to love him very much, but he never takes away from the love I still share with Maddie....but the love that I get from him, really does help. Blessings to you...Judylinn
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