Every night I come upstairs and Lexies candles are lit around her paw print and ashes.  Her beautiful picture sits on my night table. I get into bed and I relieve that day over and over. She was fine on Sat blow drying her was always a game with Lexie she hated being brushed so she made a game out of it and rolled her yellow ball and would grab has I was holding the blow dryer and dry her and she would grab the ball and run and come back again . Than she got her pupperoni half for being a good girl.
That was the last picture taken . Sat night I came home and she was having breathing problems . I brought her outside in my arms . 
I came back in put on the sofa her breathing got really labored . closed up my house to,rush her to the emergency and she cried out and seized and died. I picked her up holding her and patting her back as I cried my poor baby and her little body started twitching and she started breathing again .
But the Vac couldn't stabilize her and called me at 1 :30 am to come down.  I went down they said that they couldn't take her out of the oxygen tank to take an x-ray she wasn't going to survive . She fought so hard to stay with me .but I knew it was time to let her go.
She went into congestive heart failure in Feb and they were able to stabilize her with heart meds etc .
I just brought her 2 weeks prior and I was told her heart was stable keep her on the meds and come back in 3 to 4 months.  I go over in my head what happen from her bath in the am to the pm when I got home.
Just don't get it and it's making me sick. I miss my little girl so much 
When does the pain ease up.
I cry so hard that I get conjested .
I can't believe that both my Lexie and my husband both died of congestive heart failure. 
Why why why she was only 10 

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Oh Fran I feel your pain! I'm so sorry. Lexie is adorable. I JUST lost my Typsy cat-dog (99% dog than a cat) a few days ago and your post caught my eye. I am crying so much too that I'm getting congested. My Typsy was 15 and died of stomach cancer. I still cant believe it and am just dying inside. I live alone and she was my BEST FRIEND! It's so hard and seems to unfair. You can't dwell too long on How or Why your Lexie got so bad so quick. It will tear the rest of your heart out. I'm trying my best to do the same. I also lost my Best Friend Laura of 25 yrs this SAME week 2 years ago from a horendous bus accident. Absolutely sick to my stomach now as Typsy was the only thing that was getting me thru it. I completely understand what you're going thru. I feel sooooo damn alone. It's awful. I don't know what to say really as I know nothing anyone says will make it better. People keep asking me if they can get me anything and my answer is always "I just want my Typsy Cat back".    I'm here if you need someone to talk to.

Virtual Hugs
Gina Richards
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