It has been 6 weeks and 5 days and I finally brought home Roary's ashes today.  I feel guilty for waiting so long.  But I didn't want the finality and grief it would bring me.  I am crying again, and cannot believe he has been reduced to ashes.  He was a huge cat and he loved me in the biggest way and my love for him was immense, how can he be reduced to this?  Once again, I don't have anything poetic or meaningful to say.  This just sucks.
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Dear Anne,

I am sorry that this was the day that you picked up your beloved Roary's ashes. It has helped me to think of my Marmalade's ashes as being "Holy" & "sacred."

I think I have something poetic to say:

One of cremation ashes chemical composition is "carbon." And do you know what many stars in the Universe contain? "Carbon."

This is from a study on cremation ashes:

"The results provided, with the exception of Phosphate and Sulfate, are presented as the element. However, in the body these elements are present as a part of a variety of organic and inorganic compounds. Upon cremation, most of the organic compounds are converted to the metal oxide. Depending on the conditions of cremation, some may also be converted to carbonates. The inorganic compounds may remain as phosphates, sulfates, chlorides or carbonates, or may be partially converted to oxides."

I am thinking of the beautiful and memorable line from the classic Joni Mitchell classic song "Woodstock":

"We Are Stardust
Billion Year Old Carbon.

We are Golden."

And what the famed Astronomer Carl Sagan said:

"We are all made of starstuff."

So Roary's ashes have carbon in them, and Roary was made from 4.5 billion year old stardust! 

So when you say: "He was a huge cat and he loved me in the biggest way and my love for him was immense."

Fitting that the Universe is so vast & infinite. Like your and Roary's love for one another.

: )


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Red girl raven

It’s not easy collecting their ashes (R.I.P.). But for me I got comfort my baby was back in our house. Cried most of the day . So I know how your feeling. It’s not easy. Hard to see her memory box with her picture. On the front but as weeks go on I just glance over I shed a tear and think of our good times together.
Hope you too in time will get comfort from it.

Take care
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