Yesterday was a bad day. I took my meditation music and laid in our walkin closet where Tanner used to sleep. While I was there, I asked Tanner to please send Mom and Dad a sign that he was ok. Didn't tell my husband what I had done as it was a conversation between Tanner and I. This morning while I was in the kitchen fixing breakfast for my husband, he came out of the bedroom in tears, came into the kitchen and we just hugged. I asked him what was wrong. This was his reply...

"I had a dream about Tanner last night and it woke me from a sound sleep." My husband never has dreams. I asked him what his dream was about. He said "Tanner told me that it was a long walk Dad, but I made it home OK." My husband said his hair was all fluffy like when he was little, and that he was "chunky". Tanner only weighed 20 pounds when he passed. He normally weighed between 28 and 32 pounds.

I believe Tanner came to him so that we'd know he was OK. Actually makes me feel better, especially since I never mentioned to my husband what I had asked of Tanner during the day. When I told him what I had done yesterday, we just looked at each other and smiled. It was at that point we knew he was ok.

This helped me yesterday, as well. What if the tables were turned, and I was the one who had died. How would I feel watching my husband and Tanner hurting so much. I know it would make me sad. I know that I would never forget how much they loved me. So, when I have a moment, I'm going to remember what has transpired in the last 24 hours, and how Tanner used to not like seeing me cry. I am going to try to be strong. If not for me, then for my little man Tanner.

Love you and miss you bunches Tanner. ❤️
Susan (aka: TannersMom)
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Susan , that`s beautiful. I really do think our beloved animals send us `signs`.  Five days after losing our beautiful 17 year old dog Jim almost 9 weeks ago, I was in absolute bits. I stood outside on our patio crying, just begging for a sign that Jim was OK. It  was about 9.00pm and very dark, when I noticed what I can only describe as a dull white semi transparent ball which floated from one side of the garden , across the top of the fence then disappeared. In that moment I felt like a huge weight had gone from me, I really believe that it was Jim`s spirit/ soul, letting me know he was doing alright.  

 Like your Tanner, Jim hated it when I cried, and although I`ve still cried on and off over the last few weeks, and still miss him terribly, I know he`s in a better place and restored to the young bouncy little dog that he used to be. The bond we had with them will always be there.
                            Jackie. x
J Taylor
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I believe they send signs too!! My dog passed only 2 weeks ago and we had him cremated. He came home on Friday and that night myself and my husband both dreamed about him. It was a good dream and I feel that he is home with us! I say good morning and good night to him and I talk to him during the day!! I also wrote him a letter and put it in his box just so he knows just how much I love and miss him! They will never leave us!!
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