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Well, I got her out of the wall. Into the rest of the house and where? To be determined.

I left the blow dryer on and made some noises that provoked her out. The door is closed and I will patch up that area tomorrow.

Poor little angel is terrified. And I am writing to myself right now.

Take care.
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patty, didi looks just like my Lorelei I swear it’s her reincarnation...😔😔😔
You take care of her
And her scaredy-cat ways, she’s the best gift you’re ever going to get. Tell her I said hi..
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If it weren't so upsetting, you could even have a little laugh over it.

Reminds me a little of something that happened shortly after we adopted our recently deceased Bertie.

We had a new fence put up around our backyard, like 7 feet high. So I thought, "certainly no cat could scale that fence" and let Bertie out in to the yard. She made a complete recon of the perimeter, then trotted to the center of the yard, then literally ran straight up the trunk of a tree that's at least 10 feet away from the fence, then did a little tight-rope dance across tiny branch, which she used as a trampoline to jump up on the top of the fence.
My jaw did drop.
Then, 2 days of calling, shaking a bag of Temptations and annoying the neighbors, leaving the back yard door open, food out...until she finally showed up, on top of the fence, meowing away as if to say, "Look what I can do! hehehe"
I was able to grab her, and get her indoors again.  But her obviously advanced skills were always a concern.
Even though we live in San Francisco, a nearby park is home to a number of coyotes, who occasionally grab pets. So it's best to keep our cats indoors.  We had to devise a whole "cat security protocol"... No big surprise, since the SPCA said she'd run away from her home 2 times before she came to the pound. 
"History of straying, Hard to pill" was what the report said.

Glad your bundle of fur came out of the wall! What a scare! Watch out for dresser drawers, and closets with crawl spaces access hatches. (Don't ask!)

Bertie's Daddy
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Yes, I am having a bit of a chuckle about it today. I was so tired and emotional last night. I felt so bad for my little newbie, Didi. All of the covered cat beds, kitty condos and forts that I made for her were no match for a dusty old hole in the wall! I live in California too, so I know all too well about coyotes. My kitties have always been indoor only. I have an atrium in the middle of my house that my seniors liked to explore. After your story, I'm thinking maybe it's not such a good idea for this new little Houdini of mine. It is probably unlikely that she could jump a ten-foot wall to the roof, but I'm not taking any chances!


Didi says "hi" (wherever she is!). Do you have a photo of Loreleis? Thank you so much for checking in.

Have a good day everybody. May our tears of mourning soon turn to tears of joy. 
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Oh my goodness, I am so sorry! I can’t believe that happened! I don’t even know what to say to try to make it better. I’m sure you are besides yourself... I hope somehow it works out okay.

You really have been through the ringer and back. I know you certainly did not need this. With you in thought and many hugs to you...

Hi again, Sorry I thought I was on the last page of your thread when I posted the above, I see now I wasn’t, and success! You got her back! Very much relieved to see that. Hope you’re doing okay today, and give Houdini a scratch from me.

—Loving Riley, Rosy & Axl always 🐾

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