Hi everyone. I am new to this myself. I found rainbows bridge late last night when I couldn't sleep, thinking about the fact that my cat Georgie passed away on Wed from metastatic lug cancer. Not only has his death been devastating to me, especially since I tried to make the most humane and unselfish decision to end his suffering, but I literally knew how bad his cancer was for only 9 days!! We had been treating what I thought was pancreatitis for a long time. My vet did blood work, we have been trying different food to entice him to eat, and he even had a ultrasound done. All anyone ever said to me was that he had the pancreatitis and we needed to treat that.
Georgie had stopped eating, and he is a cat that would normally have eaten himself to death.. I am devastated. I wish I could have done something sooner, or been able to figure out things sooner. I am not only incredibly sad, part of me feels guilty for not helping him sooner. Apparently the type of lung cancer he had was very rapidly growing, but what has been the most frustrating for me is that my vet and even the specialty vet here in Houston could not give
me a definite diagnosis of cancer... Why??? Should I be mad at anyone, myself, did I do something to cause his cancer?? Why didn't the vets catch it?? I have been crying so much and have barely been functioning in the last day that I have been too clouded to get angry at anyone, but I guess that inamorata starting too now!!! Nothing will bring back my beloved Georgie now.
Amy E Mach.
Mommy of beloved Georgie Mach
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First of all, I want to assure you that you did not cause your beloved Georgies cancer.  Cancer is a horrific disease.  Georgie knows how much you loved him and he also knows that you would have done anything to make him feel better.   Ultimately, you made the ultimate sacrifice in letting him go and easing his pain.  I don't know why the Vet's didn't find it and I think you might feel better at some point if you talk to them and ask.  But I think you should wait a couple of weeks and give yourself some time to grieve.  I know the sadness is overwhelming.  All of us here are going thru the same thing, just at different stages.  I lost my beloved dog Ted on 7/7.  I have never felt such pain in my life.  I am through the worst though and I am now able to appreciate the happy memories that we shared.  Your beloved Georgie Mach is at the Bridge with Ted and the others, he is healthy and happy.  He would not want you add to your suffering with unnecessary guilt.  You have nothing to feel guilty about.  You did the absolutely best you could with the information you had.  Please tell us more about Georgie.  It really helps to pour your heart out and we are here to listen.  You are not alone.   
Barbara Lyngarkos
My Beloved Ted 8/7/2005 - 7/7/10
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I am so very sorry about Georgie. I understand the agony in your heart. It has been 7 weeks for my Maddie dear. Maddie had cancer too, and though we knew it, I have often question did I wait to long etc....we can make ourselves crazy with that one. also animals dont always show they are ill, til they are quite sick. Please don't blame yourself for anything. You love Georgie with your whole heart, and you would have done whatever you could.
If it was rapid growing, a vet may not have been able to catch it at the beginning.
Focus on your healing, thats what matters, the rest will fall into place.
We are here for you at any time.
My prayers are with you. I know how devestating the first while is. Judy
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I think you should wait a couple of weeks and give yourself some time to grieve.  I know the sadness is overwhelming.  All of us here are going thru the same thing, just at different stages.

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