I recently had to put my beloved dog Mollie to sleep (November 5) - it was very upsetting and difficult for me.  I do have feelings of incredible sadness, loneliness (despite my supportive family) and have difficulty having a day where I am not overtaken by grief.  I loved Mollie completely- she was my constant companion for almost 13 years and was my soulmate. I am devastated by my loss.

I guess I am having trouble moving forward without her, and so many places (outside the home, as well as within) are a constant reminder of her. I would appreciate any advice on how to cope a bit better- when will this pain subside so that I can put aside that horrible day and remember the joyful times we spent together? 


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Dear Pam,

I'm so sorry you had to assist Mollie to the Bridge and I fully understand the pain and loneliness you're feeling, please be assured it's normal and your loss is very recent so just take it one day at a time, Pam. I can't tell you how long it will take for you to smile again, to feel peace and come to grips with the loss of your fur love, we all heal at our own pace but we do heal and our hearts make room for new furbabies and life goes on, although perhaps not quite the same. I know for myself life has changed in good and bad ways since my Yorkie left for the Bridge 55 months ago but I have the hope of a wonderful reunion one day and that hope and faith keep me going. Please keep talking to your family and keep posting here, getting your feelings out helps so much. And remember that Mollie is only a breath away from you and she wants you to heal and remember the love she shared with you because that love will never die.

Hugs & prayers, I wish you peace and healing.

Maria - Ralphie's Mom
"Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened"-Anatole France
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Dear Pam. Your pain is very accute right now which is to be expected. Time is the only thing that will heal you. It may not seem like it right now but you will, one day, be able to think back on the times you shared with Mollie with joy instead of sadness. Not to say the tears will go away completely but the balance will shift to more good than bad. I am very sorry for your loss and the pain you are feeling. Take care. Mollie loved you and you loved Mollie. Nothing can ever take that away. Not even death. She lives on in your heart and is angel in heaven now watching over you.
x tiki   
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Dear Pam,
I to understand the pain you are experiencing as I lost my baby boy on Mov. 20 of this year.  I know the empty and sad feeling and how hard this holiday season has been because the lose is so fresh.  I at first said I would never get another pet because the lose hurts to much.  But as time has gone by and the emptiness in my heart hurts I have decided to get another baby.  I know I cant replace my boy but I think having another baby to love and hold will take away some of the sadness and help me remember the good times when Daunte was young and healthy instead of seeing his pain at the end.  I know this may not work for you but I am just saying I think it may help. Please know we all pray for you and hope time will heal your pain.  Daunte came to me in a dream recently and told me in his way that it was ok for me to love another puppy and I bet molly would approve too. Take care Dauntes mom
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Hi Pam:

I am sorry about your precious Mollie.  Loss of a beloved family pet is so difficult.  You are blessed that you have a supportive family.  Grieving does not follow any one pattern or have limitations of time.  I lost my beloved Peter, a mixed terrier  who was part of my family for 11 years, in 2004 and I still grieve for him.  Initially, I wept so much.  Every day, I mourned his loss.  It was so hard not seeing him, not being able to stroke his head and scratch his face.  I buried him at a lovely pet cemetery, and I couldn't bring myself to go see him for the first few months because the pain was so intense.  It felt as if someone pulled my beating heart out of my chest.

I went into severe depression and had anxiety/panic attacks.  It was terrible.  One night I had the most awesome dream about Peter.  I dreamed that he was young, vibrant and full of vigor.  The way he was prior to his passing.  In this dream I was reassured that he was young, free of pain and happy, and that he did not want me to be so sad and unhappy.  I was lead to a beautiful gated area where there were many pets and a lovely little caretaker where I was reassured that comfort would be granted to me.  You will receive in time, reassurance that your baby is in a wonderful place, free from pain and restored to her glorious youth.  Believe it....

Think of the wonderful memories you had.  Think of something funny she did or about the wonderful home you gave her and know that she is grateful for your time together.  We are only separated for only a short time. 

Create a scrapbook, light a candle, say a prayer, start a memory garden, or a journal.  There are so many ways to pay tribute to your precious Mollie, your imagination is limitless.  However you choose to remember your Mollie, make it joyous!!  She was a joy to you and I'm sure she would want you to remember her with smiles.  God Bless you!

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Pam, I wish I had the answer to your inconsolable grief.  I, too, will read the advice of others and hope it helps me as well.  My standard poodle, Ollie, passed away yesterday morning.  He didn't survive an emergency surgery for bloat.  He was ten yrs. old.  I wanted much, much more time with him.

I think when we lose our precious companions unexpectedly or suddenly we react differently; possibly more intensely at first?  It's such a shock to our system that something so tragic could even be possible.

I have no answers, but wanted you to know you are certainly not alone with your recently broken heart.  Hugs to you.
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