My beautiful cat sooty went missing 6 days ago.Despite searching day/night/flyers/knocking doors.Sooty(My furbaby)was found deceased a few gardens away from where we live.His death is suspicious no marks/breaks,I became hysterical and I am so broken,if there had been a reason I think I would be coping a little better but there is not.I feel as though I should of looked harder
I don't know how to cope with this heartache and pain.I can't eat sleep I just keep breaking down in tears racked with heartbreak and guilt.I joined in hope maybe someone can advise me please.Thankyou.Felines17
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Sorry for your loss.
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I am so sorry. I know the feeling. It’s the worse thing in the world losing a loved one. and our pets are loved ones. part of our family. I lost my cat Bunny last month and it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever been through, and I’m an older lady.  it’s hard to not be swallowed up in grief. allow yourself to cry as much and as often as you need. it will take awhile, but it will get easier.  I don’t know if you are a person of faith (I am) but if you are, trust in Gods promises.  I know that in the Bible in Revelation, He promises to make all things new. not all new things. We will see our fur babies again. I’m sure of it. 

Linda A.
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I am so very sorry.  What a horrible end.  Sounds like some jerk may have left  out poison.  if you have nay other cats please keep them indoors or build a catio. it just sounds like you have a potentially horrible neighbor who doesn't love animals as well all do.
I am sure you cat loved the out of doors and had many wonderful adventures.  I am sorry this happened.  
There is another website called daybydaypetsupport.com and they have a hotline you can call staffed by people trained in pet loss.  It may help to speak with someone.
Also give yourself permission to take off from work if you need to, veg out and be consumed by TV binging or anything else that might get you through these first few days.  Contact your doctor if you need to if you need more assistance.
I recommend melatonin and L-Theanine for sleep as Grief robs of our basic human necessities like sleep
Also, google "the ball in the box" theory of grief, it may help you - it did me.
Again, I am sorry for your loss.  I am sorry for your kitty, but now he is free and you are the one bound in pain.  
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