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  I feel the same way as you. I really miss preparing food for my little girl. I used to home cook and giver her stuff like fish and fresh veggies. It's hard to deal with but we always seem to go forward anyway. One woman in this Forum said that she still prepared breakfast for her recently deceased dog. She would make the food and then set it down right into her bowl. It gave her a sense of comfort and purpose. I see nothing wrong with that. Whatever helps you to heal is what you need to do. 

Jim Miller
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Very sorry for your loss! Your feelings are normal compared to mine and many others here. Thats why we are here to try and relate our choices and pain. Yes, we always 2nd guess our choices after, its bcuzthe choice was a hard one too make to someone you loved so dearly. But it sounds like you made the right one. I still a year later 2nd guess myself. I live and miss Brownie dearly and think if i hadnt, but the vet seemed honest and sincere. So i went with their decision and past issues with him. I know its hard, but its a process. Especially in the beginning, just ket your feelings go through it. I can say its not as severe as it was in the beginning, but i still think if him everyday and miss him dearly. I wish the best to you!Jess
My boy, Brownie
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Losing her is just so hard. I feel so helpless. I miss her a lot.
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Mish.. Reading thru this thread I am so sorry to hear that you lost your baby ❤ guilt is an ever present demon when we lose our beloved fur-children.. Every day I think of my Wiley, Sevyn, Abbeyboo.. What I missed, what could I have done differently.. I think we all understand that heartache and that is why we are here on this wonderful site.
Please know your baby knew how much they were loved and wouldn't want you to blame yourself or feel this immeasurable guilt.. Although I know it can be Earth shattering. I think time does take the edge off but nothing can ever fill the void in our hearts.

Praying God's peace for you and precious pup
-Stacie xoxo
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Thank you Stacie. I really miss her a lot and would rather have her here with me. It all just happened so fast. I know people here understand and i am so grateful.

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