Today my teen daughters and I made a quick decision to go get water and food because of a storm moving into our area. When we turned on to our road, we saw our kitty Scarlett lying there. I was in so much shock that I couldn’t move. She was a beautiful white fluffy cat with a sweet personality. We loved her so much. I was never a cat person, there was just something special about her. I keep saying what if I would have checked on her before I left. I think she may have been up under the car and fell out. I really don’t know if we did it or if she got out of the house and someone hit her. I can’t stop seeing her lying there. No blood or anything. She just looked asleep. I hate getting attached to animals because of how bad it hurts to lose them.
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I’m sorry, that must have been awful to see. I can’t imagine and I completely understand just freezing in place. Everyone in a while a cat comes along that manages to pull the heart strings of even a non-cat person. And it hurts so much to lose them
I’m glad you saw no trauma especially with your girls being there, but I know how much it hurts anyway. Much comfort to you and your girls,,,,,
Lynn, Tankie’s mom, forever
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