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He’s beautiful and sorry for your loss.I know where you are coming from as lost my boy seven weeks ago but I won’t ramble on about him as I’ve done that quite a lot on here but we are all with you in your grief and I’m still grieving now after nearly two months.Nothing matters to me anymore as I just want him back but this can only happen in my dreams.Sending you prayers.

Love Runningman xx
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Thank you so much for your message. I’m so sorry for your loss. It just so hard and I’m trying to be strong.
i miss him so much, I wish he’s still alive, but I know He’s not. 
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I know how you feel...the missing is unbearable...I have just posted myself as I feel like you.

I just want to remember the good times and the funny times...and I hope that will happen in time.

Take care Ellen.
Ellen Hague
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