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Hello again and sorry it took me so long to respond. It's so kind of you to ask about my babies. They both lived good lives and we were all very, very close. I loved doing everything with them. I lost Haven in 2014 and it really broke my heart but I held tight to my Cassie and we grieved together. She really helped me get through but then 15 months later in 2015 I had to have Cassie pts. Like you I was going out of my mind with grief. I agree it would be so good to have a grief support group but then I found this site. When I started reading stories of others who loved their pets so much it felt so good just to know there were people like me. Much of my friends have kids but Cassie and Haven were my kids. I wish we could all meet someday and just talk about our babies and how much love they gave us. I think it's good that you started a diary And it's good for you to post on the forum. I hope each day things get a little easier. Keep Candy close and let her know how much you love her too and you will be so happy that you did! I had to push myself after Haven went to do things with Cassie but I'm so happy I did! She deserved it and it helped me. I knew it would make Haven happy. I have such fond and loving memories of both my babies as you do of Gizmo. Hugs to you,
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Thanks CK x am with mu candy girl always , I realy couldn't cope without her xx am just broken without my baby boy x I dont have kids my gizmo & candy are my kids xx take care CK love & hugs Annmarie x I can't believe its nearly 6 weeks , seems like yesterday. My hart aches to hold him and kiss and rub his wee belly xx
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