My husband thinks it's his fault that our dog passed suddenly, probably from a seizure which he was prone to have. We had put him in a crate and covered it because he sleeps better when its covered. He thinks he killed him by suffocating when he put the cover over it. How do i get him to understand that he didn't kill our baby? He feels guilty that he wasn't there for him also.
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Our dog, Cody, who just passed Saturday had seizures as well.  Tell your husband that putting a cover over his crate would not have suffocated him and not to feel guilty for not being there.  We can not be with our pets 24/7 it is physically impossible. Seizures are nasty monsters that take control and unfortunately we have no real control over what they do to our furkids.  Even if you are there when they have a seizure you have no control. I am so sorry for your loss.  I know exactly how you feel. :-(
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To have suffocated your little boy, the cover would have had to make an airtight seal. Even if so, the air already in the crate which I presume was big enough for him to move and turn around in, would have lasted a few hours with a dog who was sleeping.

It doesn't sound to me, as if your husband suffocated your dog by covering his crate.

If he was prone to seizures as you say, then it is an unfortunate thing that he may have had one -unrelated to being in his crate. Or maybe some other event caused him to pass?

I wonder if some of the guilt is not having been there when he passed? But we have to sleep. We can't help that. I think an awful guilt comes over us if we have been asleep when a loved one passes.

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