I lost my sweet baby girl Ginger today to aggressive
Lymphoma. It was 6
Months to the day we lost her brother Jameson to cancer. We still have our healthy 3 year old named Morgan. I know my girl wanted to go because she was sick and suffering. It was her time, but it hurts so bad. I let her go days ago so she could cross on her own but we had to help her cross today. I already have an anxiety and depression problem and this isn’t helping. But I will get through it. I know it was the right thing to do and she wanted to go, but it just hurts. She was the sweetest girl. Run free my sweet baby girl until we meet again.
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Dear Jaye82,
My deepest sympathy on your loss!
Your beloved Ginger is with her brother, Jameson now and they are at peace.
I hope you are able to find some peace. Grieving is so hard and painful.
Please post here again,
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Thank you so much. I know they are. Someone very close to me who is psychic told me she’s happy and pain free and crossed the rainbow bridge. The rainbow bridge is real. So, I know I will see her and her brother again.
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I am hurting real bad. I had to put my dog sammy to sleep sunday morning. He had been diagnosed with a failing heart early last summer. The medication kept it at bay for a while. Over the past week we were getting up several times a night to go outside and pee, vomit and diarrhea. He stopped eating but would drink a lot of water. Sunday morning he woke up panting heavily and his heart was pounding very hard. I called a vet to come out to my home for euthanasia. He was put down after an explanation that he was close to having a very hard painfull heart attack. I cant stop crying cant sleep and cant eat. He was all I looked foward to spending time with him. I am single and live alone. I dont know what to do just very upset and lonely. Hopefully this forum can help.
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I am so very sorry for your loss. He will lead you to a new baby to heal your heart when the time is right. I had a very low moment today and felt like I wanted to go
To my
Jameson and my Ginger. But I remembered my family and kids need me and my Morgan who is only
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