The PAIN of loosing my baby boy kitty Scooter aka scootie pootie is deeply felt and saying I dont MISS YOU SO BAD I WOULD BE LIEING.
Fur BABIES any form is a hit to the HEART when you have to say GOODBYE.
Thank you lil man for the most Beautiful 5months..

Mom n Dad
N girls
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Dear Dee,

I am so, so sorry for the loss of your precious Scooter, I have always loved that name.
I was so sadden to read how young your sweet boy was, such a heartbreaking loss for you.
May your heart always know and feel the light and love that is your Scooter, sending our most positive healing thoughts your way.

Sincerely, Don & Vera

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Thank you beyond words..This is one site that people and their fur babes ARE real..
We ALL love our babies SO MUCH.
My heart is badly missing my pooie pooie..yes scooter i only called him that when he was dragging himself to me asking like hes weak then as you point at him and u have this little octupus attached to your face oh my gosh the laughter it caused..IM SELFISH i really want more..May the heavens kiss your faces.
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The missing is terrible, just so painful. I wish you could have had him longer.

Yes, we do. We love them so, so much!

You are in my thoughts--wishing you comfort, peace and strength on your journey. I hope your weekend will go as well as possible, Deelynn. 
-Missing Marissa deeply
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