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That Huckleberry was one handsome lad!

I hope he is out there somewhere and was adopted by a kind, compassionate, well intended individual who did not know Huckleberry was already a part of a loving family.

I remember Huckleberry from all of your tales about him shared here and always will!

Kind regards,
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Thank you Peach. If a cat has never gone out, then they don't know what they're missing, so keeping a pet at home isn't bad. 
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Thanks James and Huckleberry thanks you for the compliment too. I hope you're doing well. You were one of the few people that helped me get through it. Your support meant me a lot to me. Marmalade was a beautiful cat too and I still remember the story you posted about you and him. It's hard to believe it's been over a year already. I still think about Huck, but now I'm able to focus more on other stuff.
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