I did not compose this letter. I found it on the internet. It made me cry so much and I wanted to share it with you.

So, you bring me this puppy - she kisses my face, devours the cookies I offer, and our friendship starts. Several visits later, he starts to learn where all the cookie jars are in the clinic, and that lady in the white coat, well she’s okay....Fast forward many visits later, now I am in love with your dog and your whole family because, well, you are just really really good people and I have not only watched that pup turn into a really sweet family member, but I got to watch the kids grow every year and be a very small part of your journey.Remember that time she ate your teenage daughter’s thong underwear? 😝😝😝 yeah we all had a good laugh over that once surgery was done and she was recovered. Your daughter probably never forgave me for bagging that up and showing the whole fam-jam when they came to pick her up from the clinic.So many adventures, so little time.....And here we are, fifteen or so odd years later, having to say goodbye.He’s got heart disease and I can’t fix it anymore. She’s got cancer and there is no cure. He has arthritis and the meds just aren’t working. I want her to live forever for you. I want that so badly it hurts. I feel like I have failed him and you when I have run out of options to keep them, and you, comfortable and happy.So now it’s time, and I am supposed to be professional. Objective. I am the doctor. Calm. Cool. Collected. Always under control
F*** that.
I have known you and her for a third of my life, and most of my professional career.
But I keep it together. My superhuman amazing technicians have put the catheter in. My support staff from reception to assistants have done all the paperwork. Trust me they may not show it but their hearts are breaking for you. They have been there. They know. And they know you and care about you too.
And I have the needle in the pocket of my white coat. The same pocket that was always full of treats for him. I take a deep yoga breath and come into the room. Gotta stay strong now.......
She’s giving me that sweet look she always does, the one that is followed by puppy kisses and a glance at the cookie jar. But she is too weak now. She is ready. You are not. I am not. But this has to happen because we love her too much to let her suffer.
She would keep going as long as we asked her too. But we can’t ask her to anymore. It’s not fair to her. I wish our human hearts could be so giving all the time. I wish I could be the person my dog thinks I am. I wish I wish i wish I could find a way for them to live forever. But I don’t have those magical powers. I am just a vet.
So we kiss him back, not much left of his body that still works, but that old tail wags, just enough that I lose my self on the inside but I try not to cry. Gotta stay strong.
Her body relaxes, she is in your arms and your are sobbing. Another family has lost one of its most cherished members. I put my stethoscope to her heart to make sure it has stopped but she is held so tight to your chest that maybe that is your heart I hear pounding or maybe it’s mine and all the blood rushing through my ears as I try so so so hard not to turn into a blubbering mess.
Confirmed, he has passed. You lay him gently on the table and we hug tightly as you go to leave.
The door closes behind you and I don’t know if you hear this, but I sob hysterically into your pets ear. She is gone, he will be missed, and you have to face what I know will be one of the hardest parts of today.
Entering that house and they are not there to greet you.
Please know that I know how you feel. As you leave the clinic I just wish with every fibre of my being that you never had to face that. I wish they could live forever.
And please know, I am so grateful that I was a small part of your journey.
Love always, Your vet.

My friends, I hope you appreciate this letter as much as I have.
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Wow that was some letter! Honestly, I do not think I could ever be a vet for this reason alone. It is so heartbreaking. Yes, most people euthanize animals that are sickly but some owners want the pet put down because they can't afford it anymore, or it peed on the rug or all sorts of reasons. So the vet has to euthanize animals that are inconvenient to people otherwise healthy. I believe I read somewhere that vets have one of the highest suicide rates nowadays (next to dentists which is what I am). When we put Olliebaba to sleep, we had a new vet because it was an emergency and ours wasn't working that day. You could see the tears in her eyes. I felt just as bad for her as us. 
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I read this with tears in my eyes too.  It reminds me so much of the experience I had with our vet from the first visit to the final one.  He called to see how we were doing after the last visit and then sent a beautiful card and heartfelt personal letter a week or so after that.  And his office staff handled all the paperwork with sensitivity and apologized for having to do paperwork at such a sad time.
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Thank you for sharing this. I too Lauri have just read that vet's suicide rate has really gone up. I never really thought about that until I read about it. I know my veterinarian does her job out of pure love by the way she cradles my furbaby.
This made me tear up and made me appreciate them even more. God bless them and everyone here.
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This is truly a wonderful letter and it helps to have that perspective because vets are just people with real emotions. Sometimes in our grief we forget. This letter serves as a good reminder. Thank you for posting it.
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Thank you for posting that "vet's letter". I am sure the good ones do feel that way.

When I had my rambunctious Jack Russell put to sleep in 1999 (he had incurable prostate cancer and got into a terminal crisis with it in the middle of a Tuesday night) -the vet who came out to our house at 2am and put him to sleep while he lay sedated in my arms, ran away crying....she told me she had to go to her car to get the stethoscope. She was in tears.
I ended up asking her would she be okay?
Then  she asked me if I would. No -said I. I was alone in the night keeping vigil over my dead dog's body until dawn when I could bury him. Utterly, alone.
No I won't be alright. But go now because you're a melted mess yourself, and you need a stiff drink and to go home to your family. I will....survive.

And when my sweet Misty passed I wrote a little tribute for her online and emailed it to our vet for many years. He wrote me back telling me it brought him to tears while he was on night duty, and that Misty would never be forgotten by him and his whole team.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

Misty's Blog..a Dogfight with Cancer http://www.mistysblog69.blogspot.co.uk

Misty's life after death: http://www.dog2spirit.com
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When we took our pup in after her seizure, it was in the middle of the night. There was another couple there, about my kids' ages. They had a small dog with them. 

We knew it was time for our Sami girl as we drove to the hospital. We knew we had borrowed time with her, for her cancer, when diagnosed, was way beyond what she let on. 

The vet that attended to us was so heartwarming and offered some hope. Let us know he could get her blood sugar back to regular levels (from the seizure they were off) but said she'd seize again eventually. I couldn't put her through that ever again. It was awful. It was awful for our other pup who woke us up because we didn't know. 

The vet was so kind and compassionate and looked defeated. We told him it was ok-this was the best thing. He said it was his 3rd one he had to let go of and was going to deliver devastating news to the young couple out there. My heart went out to him and his staff. We reassured him and thanked him for his attention. 

The next morning, with my heart so broken, I passed by a florist and felt the need to get some beautiful sunflowers. I had them wrapped and took them to the pet hospital for the doctor and his staff. I just felt the need to reassure him I knew how hard his job was and how much we appreciated him. 

What a tough and sucky job sometimes. 

Sami's mom
Aussie 14 1/2 yr old female
Smarty pants and ruler of our home
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That is nice to hear 'from a vet's perspective'!

It reminded me of my own experience also..
The whole part was traumatic but those words "she's gone" after listening to her heart with the stethescope almost killed me. I guess it was because it was finalised!

I have always thought vets to be incredibly strong - mine was very empathetic & calm & lovely, but didn't seem to show emotion for my pet, ( not that he didn't care ) what I mean by this is, he appeared strong & professional!

I always used to think that it may have been part of their training in veterinary school to 'handle themselves'in these situations & I had no idea that they have one of the highest suicide rates..

Thankyou for sharing this..

Daisy's mummy.
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Hi all,
I am a vet and this letter really does ring true. This is by far the hardest thing to do, then we may have a minute to cry in the back and wipe our tears before going into the next appointment 
Melanie emory
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Thank you Lena_dawg for the compassion to care for the fur babies. I am sure it is tough at times along with dealing with the greiving parents. Thank you again 💛
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Becky1990, It is tough with grieving owners cause I want to be able fix and cure everything and just sometimes I can't do anymore.

Thank you
Melanie emory
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Do vets feel a need to remain strong & hold it together for the sake of.the patient, because they feel they need to be strong for us??

Daisy's mummy.
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